[WILD] being TOO awake?

hey everybody! i have a question regarding WBTB/WILD.

When I do WBTB after about 2-4 hours of sleep and try to go back to bed to do WILD, I’m always too awake. I start counting breath in, one, breathe out, two, breathe in, three, breathe out, four, etc. and I can get my body to a really relaxed state, but then my mind is so awake and energized that I find it hard not to just open my eyes. I start thinking things like “wow, i’m never gonna get to sleep at this rate, i’m not even tired!” and stuff like that. I was wondering if I should do my WBTB earlier, or later, or what?

Try 5-6 hours instead

I second that. Otherwise, you’re just taking a long nap - and getting more chances of screwing up your sleeping pattern.

Doing WILD in the middle of the day works for alot of people. You’re simply more stressed out in the day and it’s easier to relax, go to bed like 2-3 PM, make sure it’s dark and quiet and do WILD.

I usually get asleep very fast, but when I don’t, if I start thinking that way, I find it a lot more dificult.

Do 5-6 hours and stay up short in the WBTB. :wink: