[WILD] Discomfort while falling asleep...was it SP?

I splitted your question. It’s better you open your own thread for your own question instead if hiding with your question the thread owner one’s.

I have a question about WILD too, and since I don’t want to open a new thread, I hope you don’t mind if I post it here…

I’ ve been practising with WILD for three days now and last night I did the usual - I relaxed and counted, visualized, etc. I then felt my body becoming relaxed to the point when it got very numb and I felt some kind of stretching (?) in my body, accompanied with more numbness. It got very uncomfortable so I, despite my efforts to ignore it, moved and ended this strange feeling. I didn’t give it any thought at that time and eventually fell asleep without staying conscious. The question is - do you think this was the beginning of SP and am I on the right track here?

Thank you in advance…

the same sort of thing happens to me

Hi m777, welcome to LDall! :wave:

This is rather common. The feelings of your body stretching or limbs being in the wrong place are hypnagogic hallucinations, thus it means you’re entering the hypnagogic stage. Thus you’re on the good track but if you move, you’ll have to start the whole process from the beginning. :sad: