WILD doesnt work for me~!

i tried WILD 3 nights in a row, and every time, i get a little bit close to being lucid, then i lose it, and when i lose it, i cant get there again, and i cant get to sleep at all either, its really frustrating, can anyone help me??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

either keep trying, or try something new.

You won’t get on your first few tries unless you’re awesome, and it’s also not for everyone

Same with me, I get close and then lose it. I’m going to keep trying for another week or so. If not, I will take a break and then move onto another technique.

Being fustrated makes it worse, Try it weekly. Your mind cant be under stress or anything.

That’s true. By the way, like your avatar and your custom title, rawr :3

Something similar happens to me too. I get really close and than loose my concetration and I instantly fall asleep…

Hehehe, thanks… :hugs:

I know, it gets really frustraiting after a while. I need a break…

i wish that happenes to me, when i lose concentration, i wake up! :cry: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr:

I try listening to music while trying WILD (but always fall asleep…) :help:

Amazing you tried for a whole THREE nights and decided it didn’t work, I must say you sure gave it all you got >_>.

Anyway: WILD is rather hard for most lucid dreamers, to get a WILD to work well you should combine it with WBTB. And I think that 3 days is to short to determine if a technique works for you or not.

By the way, check this thisout to see if WILD is really for you. Good luck on LDing =]