WILD dreaming

Hey guys! I am new here and i am trying to have my first LD experience. So, i looked at this ------> https://community.ld4all.com/t/wild-an-user-friendly-tutorial/31684 Posted by someone here (I forgot who exactly). But anyways, i did the steps, saw some random colors, some geometric shapes, and then, i heard some noises. I heard the sound of someone getting up, and a door opening, and someone making a strange noise. I am not exactly sure whether that was a product of my mind, or if it was just someone getting up and going to the bathroom. Which brings me to a point, will hearing sounds affect you getting into a WILD lucid dream? Also, this was just my first attempt at a WILD, so how much longer do you guys think i will have to practice if i was hearing sounds just on my first one to get into a full lucid dream? Any comments are much appreciated. :content:

So first of all…the first sentence of that dude’s post is saying WILDs are the holy grail of lucid dreaming. You shouldn’t set your goal so high if you are brand new to all this. You need to work on your dream journal as a first step to help you remember your dreams. Then you should work work realizing that you are dreaming. THEN you should think about WILDs. Dreams journals, to me, is the most important beginning step btw, so definitely read up on how to make your own (i believe Stephen LaBerge has made a useful guide on how to make a dream journal. Check out his website.) Anyway, not to bash on that guy’s post but every time I have WILDed (3 or 4 times) I have just been relaxing and have sort of fell asleep accidentally, not focusing on anything in particular but just thinking about random stuff going on in my life. BUT all of them have been unintentional. I’m sure you could intentionally do this, I just lie/lay down, listen to calming music and close my eyes if I get tired. And once you spend time trying to understand what WILDs truly are, you will recognize it if it happens. Having at least one lucid dream will help you understand WILDs more when people talk about it. So yeah

Thanks for the tips! :happy: I will make a dream journal, but what do you think i should try when i can remember my dreams? MILD? or is there another better method for beginners? :help:

You should necessarily read this. It’s a great tutorial which helps to understand why so many lucid dreams write in their books or just say that DJ and DR are the most important things in lucid dreaming. When you train your dreams’ memory your brain automatically inserts more awareness to the dream realm, because when you are more aware of things around you it is easier to remeber them. And when you are more aware in your dreams without any reason you start noticing dream signs or just out of nothing become lucid.

Ok, i will instead of saying “tonight i will realize im dreaming” I will think “tonight i will remember my dreams.” Thanks for the help!

I forget how intense the mantra repeating is on the MILDs but I just said my mantra like twice before I went to bed each night for a bit then focused on it while I fell asleep. I relied mainly on my dream journal though. Don’t be afraid to use the journal and the mantra at the same time. I’m not familiar with ALL of the different induction techniques but what I did worked for me seemingly well. I know that a certain portion of the techniques are not for beginners, it may be a small portion but just know that all the induction techniques you read about may not be practical for you. Trial and error helps if you’re not getting the results you want from the chosen game plan you try out.