Wild dreams;hard

Hello. I was wondering why a wild dream is sorta hard to do. I have had many Lucid dreams before & finally I got a wild. Except once I relized I was in a wild dream I got over excited and I woke up. Why are lucid dreams easier then wild dreams? Thanks

I beleive WILD dreams and LDs are one in the same. If I had to guess id say Wild dreams are harder because you take your conciousness with you into the dream world were you are using the subconcious. ie. being sucked through a worm hole; it would probably take a great amount of will power to come out of the other end with your original state of conciousness (assuming that was even possible.)

DILD is getting a spike of consciousness during the dream, by various means. WILD is keeping the consciousness present and intact while we get off to sleep. You can see they’re completely different affairs, no wonder WILD’ing is more difficult for most.
And Mouningstarr, WILD is indeed used successflly by many dreamers here, I can suggest you to look at asclepius’s, bombax’s, mattias’s, writerscube’s, or many other DJ’s and see what they can do. It’s great motivation also. ;D

Mourningstarr: Okayy thanks. That makes sense why they are harder thank you for responding :content:

Tosxychor: Okayy thank you too. Ill check out some dream journals and see if I find any wild dreams. Thanks.

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Thanks Tosxychor, ive checked out a few, and ill read these others you mention.