WILD experiance or just a dream?

I woke up this morning, a little dissapointed I hadn’t had any LDs. (I’ve had LDs two Friday nights in a row, so I was really expecting to have one last night). Anyway. I decided to go back to sleep to try again.

After a while I realized I was already half asleep, because I was seeing images (Hypnagogic Imagery??). They were of two members of AFI (a band). They sorta swoshed by and had a a weird color (I remember one being different shades of blue), but they were moving picutures, not like a photograph. I tried to focus on them, but once I did they disapperad and I felt more awake then I had earlier. :angry:

I realized then that my body felt weird, so I moved and kinda jinxed the feeling. It still felt weird, but I was more conscious now. I decided to try WILD for real this time (I’ve tried a couple times before but without success, because usually it takes me like an hour or two to go to sleep). But since I was doing it with WBTB I figured it might work.

After a while, my body started feeling really weird again. It wasn’t sleep paralysis because had I tried I think I would have been able to move, but it kinda felt… numb. Like my body wasn’t really there, but I knew it was.

I then had tinitus for a short while, and I guess it must have been because of those images I saw, but I then heard 2 entire AFI songs in my head. Like, if you imagine hearing them, except I was actually hearing them (while fully aware it was only on my head). It sounded almost identical to the real songs, with the instruments, the buildups and the vocals, excpet the backup vocals sounded different. Like it was a live performace or something. I was really amazed that I could listen to these songs in my head so effortlessly, by just thinking about them.

Here’s where it gets tricky. :hmmm:

Next thing I remember I’m actually AT an AFI concert with my friend. We were standing almost right up front, and the audience was huge. I think I might have entered this dream lucid. I wasn’t really thinking ‘Man, I’m lucid!’ because I was so stoked to be there, but really early on in the dream I handed over my camcorder to my friend, only to realize she wasn’t holding anything, like it was invisible. This really bothered me because it ruined the feeling of how real it felt, so I created one with my mind, sorta willed it into existance. Anyway. I did lots of things and it was a lucid dream.

Here’s the thing: I’m not sure if I dreamt my WILD experiance or if it was the real deal. Because those other two times I tried it I wasn’t getting much result, and this time it was almost effortless. I woke up several times last night though/this morning, because since it’s Saturday I was able to sleep in and go back to sleep whenever I woke up. I don’t know if this was one of the many times that I did wake up, or if it was a FA or something. :eh:

Could one experiance WILD during a false awakening, and enter another dream lucid because of it? Or does this sound like an actual WILD? I’ve never had one before. Do you think it was the real deal? :help:

Congrats on the LD =].
I think it was a real WILD, as you described this numbness feeling. It was just a deep relaxation state. You probably got in a dream from your HH, so it was a WILD :smile:

It could be a “real” WILD, or you could have had an FA, and then in the dream done a WILD. I have read here on the fourm that WILD works very well when you do it after an FA. The end result is what is important, so it doesn’t matter if it was “real” or not, you still had an LD.
It might make it easyer to do a “real” WILD if you do this a few times. :smile:

You think so?

I’m starting to think this really happened. I noticed later in that same day that the inside of my left cheek was kinda sore… swollen. I then suddenly remembered that when I was having this WILD experience, I was sobconsciouly biting the inside of my cheek. (The way I was lying on my side, the pillow sorta pushed a smaller part of my cheek between my teeth). I don’t know why I was biting it, it was kinda like discovering that you’re biting your nails without knowing it. Anyway, I made myself stop, but I can still feel the swelling from the biting.

I realize I could have been biting my cheek in my dream/sleep, but now I’m almost certain I was awake for this WILD session… heh, or whatever you call it.

The important thing is that you were lucid in a dream. It is not so important if the dream was in a dream or started from being awake. If it was in a dream, it might have been easyer to do WILD, but even then, it will help you with WILD in the future. So don’t worry, be happy. :grin: You have done a WILD. If you did it once, you can do it again. Just keep it up.