WILD?? experience

Hey, new to the forum. I’ll make my first post an interesting one. last night, i read about WILD so i decided to try it. I’m not sure if I did it right but it did have a weird effect. Ok so heres what happened:
I stayed up until i was really tired, then i went in bed and pictured me walking down an endless set of stairs. Eventually, I felt all weird and I sorta jumped in the dream. Then, it was my point of view and I kept walking down the stairs for a few minutes, until I saw a door. I opened it up and…
surprise!! nicole richey. hahaha yeah i know. She just kinda sat there and smiled at me. I’m not even a fan of her, I wasnt even thinking of her when i went to sleep. Then i akwardly stood there until I woke up. So is this WILD?

Hi Their_Exile, welcome to the forum.

If, at the point you met nicole, you knew it was a dream, then yes. Seems to me you are pretty gifted at WILD!