[WILD] Eyes are moving rapidly

Dunno if this is just my body sleeping or what. Although I was fully awake.

I was thinking after this Incident happend, that where I lay my eyes when I have them closed can determine if i’m going to go into a wanna-be Astral Projection or WILD or not(I say wanna-be since I usually don’t go out of body.)

Anywhoo, 5 am yesterday, I go to sleep, and I move my eyes more upward (eyelids closed) and then my third eye was irritating as hell. But I just let it pass through, didn’t resist, consciously had my body relaxed although don’t know if it was relaxed when this incident happen. Anywho my third eye was irritating as hell, kinda like a bubble of energy vibrating around my third eye area. And then all of a sudden my EYES start twitching like a mothersucker. It was twitching like a machine gun. And I kept them closed and myself relaxed. I thought I was going to Astral Project or WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream), so in my head I was going “WOOOOO YEAH!!!” basically screaming excitement, and as my eyes were twitching very fast, very hard involuntarily, I think more energy was building up in my third eye area and I was thinking “Hmmm, what can I do with this power/energy?” Maybe picking the catologue from the universe is easier in this state? Don’t Know. And while the energy in my third eye was increasing I felt like my Eyes and the muscles of the eyes and lids were getting tired.

I was also going “TELEPORT TELEPORT!” when my eyes were going all twitchy, and I thought what if I saw white flashes, then a few 10 seconds later, there was white flashes like a strobelight at different velocities coming from the right side of my vision.

My Thoughts:
-Awesome Experience
-Pretty Fun
-Maybe I should use those sleeping eye patches thingies? To hold down my eyes and let me WILD or AP more comfortably, if it is that.
-Maybe my Gold chain around my neck prevents me from WILDding or APing correctly

What was this? And how could I use it to my advantage?

Yeah, that’s happened to others practicing WILD for their first few times (don’t know if it’s exactly common or not…). I had that happen during a nap when I was getting different colored HI.

Anyway, it definitely doesn’t happen all the time when someone WILD’s. I think it only happened to me once or twice… You wouldn’t need a sleeping eye patch thing. Though it does help sleep through the morning… :wink:

Don’t think a gold chain would do anything… I had the same eye twitching experience and I didn’t have a gold chain or anything…

Anyway, it seems like a symptom some people get when they’re trying WILD out for their first time. I don’t know exactly what it is, and I don’t know how to use it to an advantage, but it wasn’t a frequent thing for me, so I disregarded it after successful WILD’s.

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Anyway, I had that a bit once, not as extreme as your experience, but I had it a bit. Feels kinda good.

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I had this experience too when practicing WILD once, but it wasn’t dreamlike in the least. I was pretty much awake and I don’t think it was the starting point of a dream.

I dont get that topic, it doesnt seems that You need any help.

I dont know also much about third eye. But those flases might happen cause of eye muscle tiring

Is this a process of WILDing? And does it mean on a path to success?

Also, I know how to make my eyes twitch and spin in the dark thing happen on command now at night.

Anywho, flashes musle tiring? Hmm.

I’ve never heard of anyone WILD’ing that way, but who knows. WILD works differently for everyone, so this could be your way to WILD. shrug

I’m not sure though, maybe Astral Projection, cuz this happens when i’m fully awake and not like 50% sleeping like when most WILDs are done.

I tried WILD last night, and it brought me really close to having a lucid dream. I almost had full-blown SP (although I could move slightly) and frequent auditory HH. Although, I noticed something else that I’d like to ask about.

My eyes started to move rapidly side to side out of my control. Is this REM? If this is a good thing, how can I maintain it? While I’m getting this, does it mean I’m sleeping? How close am I to a lucid dream, and how can I enter one from that state?

Sorry for asking so many questions, but I’d really like to know. :shy:

I also had the near-SP thing once. It’s a deep state of relaxation. I don’t know about the eye movement though.

There was a very recent thread already existing, few topics above, about this. I merged them together.

Can someone please answer my questions? :neutral:

It’s a state of deep relaxation, and don’t worry about the eye thing, it’s nothing unusual.

Neko, as MatrixMan replied to the same question: “my eyes were going all twitchy, […] what was this? And how could I use it to my advantage?”, I would say it’s a thing which has been experienced sometimes by beginners when they tried WILD. It’s perhaps SOREM sleep (sleep onset REM sleep) but I’m unsure. I don’t think there is a precise explanation up to now. I don’t think it’s possible to use this. Generally it seems to disappear with experience.

Please don’t bump your own questions. There are not so much experienced WILD’ers on the forum and they can’t read all the threads immediatly.

About white flashes, there could be two solutions:

  • I experienced white flashes too in the right corner of my field of vision during WILD attempts. It looked like nothing special but phosphenes.
  • Tibetan monks said that some white flashes are the first sign of dissolution of thoughts, when falling asleep. Generally, people are not aware of them, cause they lose consciousness when it happens.

I’m not sure, because although i am sleeping late like at 5 amish, I am FAR from being to sleep when this happens. Although I can be asleep pretty quickly, less than say 5 minutes I’ll say.