WILD Fail...

Yeah…So i tried WILD for real the past two nights…i got to a stage where i couldn’t move properly without trying multiple times (SP i believe) but then i’d have to swallow or i’d be in a bad possition and owuld have to move… Tried Auto suggestion and just thinking about other things but It’d become unbearable…:razz: Also one time my hand started to become painfully numb…sorta like when you lose all the blood in your hand…like i tried ignoring it but i had to move eventually…I couldn’t see a reason why it would do that unless i misunderstood how SP feels…but yeah…Any suggestions?

Well, a comfortable position is the first thing to find,without any limb overlapping or things like that, or you will feel the blood deprivation bugging you (even if usually that’s fine, normally you’d just wake up the next day with a numb arm or similar);
that’s one reason why sleeping on the back is recommended for WILD.
There are also tons upon tons of WILD topics that deal with SP and swallowing, I suggest you have a good read of the Quest to Lucidity section :wink:

(@Opolious) I think you might be trying to hard.

I think WILDing is a good technique, especially if you can master it. One would think one would be able to LD more frequently with this technique, however I found that MILD/DILD is the best technique for me.

In the past, I would try extremely hard in order to LD, similarly to what you were doing. However, I don’t do this anymore. I’ve come to a realization, that LDing doesn’t necessarily have to be “work.” Strangely, how much effort you put in isn’t necessarily going to give you a better chance of LDing. In most cases in life, this isn’t true. I believe this is why most people on this forums are stuck believing that they have to try, try, try, when in reality, all you have to do is relax, and change how you percieve LDing.

99.99% is mental; dreamers are not bound by physical limitations.

If you think you have to try really hard in order to have an LD, then you’ll have to try really hard to have one. It’s that simple. However, if you can change your style of thinking into thinking LDing doesn’t require a lot of work, then I believe more dreams will come to you. The trick is just believing that LDing isn’t as hard as one would think.

I’ve tried out reverse pyschology a little bit. And it’s work about two out of three times for me. I just say, “There’s no way you’ll have a LD tonight.” I’ve tried thinking this statement playfully, or in disbelief/optimistically and also pessimistically and strangely, they’ve both worked out once for me.

Maybe you should try it out.

I had a hard time doing this, because at first, I was thinking, “this can’t work, I would have a better chance of not trying at all.” But strangely, afterwards I came to realize that trying or not trying doesn’t necessarily give you a better or worse chance. I guess relaxation is the best technique.

sigh WILD’s seem to be the sure way to LD…but I never seem to be able to accomplish them…even when i relax and dont move for a while I dont see HI or hear anything…I jsut fall asleep

just find something to focus on whether it be the ringing in your ears or the colors behind your eyes. it can be pretty boring though i personally like to put in my head phones in and focus on the music when i try to wild.