WILD failed, still became lucid

ITT: Talk about failed WILD’s that still generated lucid dreams.

Had my first lucid dream this night, i woke up at around 8.45 and thought “Time to try and go into SP”

I failed though, fell asleep, but… for some reason i was still lucid in my dream.
It was hard to see in the dream, and it “fragmented” up alot into false awakenings that i did RC’s in to become lucid again. At first, i ended up in my school in the dream.
I tried to teleport away from it, but it did not work.

this sometimes happens :smile: i’ve had it happen to me too, i think. it’s the intention that registered! well congratulations either way :smile:

I’ve had this happen to me before, too. I tried to WILD for about half an hour, but gave up & went to sleep. When the dream started I was immediately lucid.

I had a similar experience… I was WILD-ing also and I had a trouble getting a SP, so I tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t fall asleep either… Then I decided to try fall asleep on my belly[also the only way I succeeded in WILD] and I started too feel numbness and my body was falling asleep, but I fall asleep… In this moment somewhere between[if that makes any sense] I felt like I was WILD-ing but very strange things happened, that was happening for some time and then I decided to just quit and get up… The next thing I know I’m having a headphones in my hand and I’m pulling the phone out of my pocket and I’m looking at my phone but it was the wrong one, this was the previous that I had[and all that was happening on the bed and I was sitting so it was a FA]… Then I became lucid and story goes on…

So it looks like I WILD-ed in a dream… But the result was satisfying! :grin:

don’t worry, it will become easier with time!