WILD help for a newbie

I’ve been trying WILD for about a week now and the closest i’ve gotten to lucid dreaming so far is that my whole body feels numb and it gets a little harder to breathe. Inside my eye lids, I can see that instead of pitch black everything is dark gray and I can see small streaks of slightly brighter lines randomly flying around. Once I see those lines I can feel my body BARELY shaking, and that’s the closest I’ve ever gotten. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a dream juornal? Or because I’m too young? (13 years old)

Hello! And welcome to the forum.

First, you are never to young to be able to lucid dream. Keeping a dream journal would be a good start, it will help you remember your dreams more often and hopefully, at least one a night. But it’s your choice if you keep one or not. You could also post a dream journal here and right your dreams in that.

As for the WiLD, I haven’t gotten much experience in that area. But when I did get far, my body wouldn’t even shake. At all. But I did see solid shapes. And I rarely see any shapes or objects. I saw a pirate ship once. Anyway, keep practicing. A week for WILD isn’t that much. It’s (in my opinion) one of the more difficult techniques. Maybe WiLD isn’t for you. It’s not for me, that I know for certain. :tongue: But keep trying and if it still isn’t working for you, try trying another technique. There are tons on the forum here.
And, when you practice WILD do you do it right when you got to sleep? SOmetimes it’s easier if you wake up 4-5 hours after you’ve fallen asleep. That way your body/mind is in the REM state. Then get up got to the bathroom, drink, whatever and try WILD. I believe that is a WBTB/WiLD.

Need any more help or if something’s unclear, just shout. And good luck!

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First of all, I’d like to recommend you to read two topics in the Pathways to Lucidity Forum by me . One is called Teleportation exit (something like that), and the other is Rhythmic Napping. They both might be very useful.

Everyone experiences WILD , and in general, the consciousness shifting slowly and each his own way. There is no way to do it. Your way is your way. Don’t worry about what you’re seeing, hearing etc… The only thing you need to do is let your body fall asleep while you keep your mind awake. If you fall asleep and lose consciousness, you’re gonna have to train your mind to stay awake. If you can’t let your body nor mind go to sleep, you need to relax more, be calm and serene. Patient. Just be still and watch your thoughts grow and grow.

Just do it.

I should point out that before going to sleep as a lot of people do is the worst time.
In the morning or during the night, it’s the best.

WILD can take years to comprehend and master,

because we are dealing with delta brainwaves, where consciousness almost entirely ceases to “exist”, and working on existing in them and pushing out of body,

the other WILDs that are more to do with WBTB involve going “backwards” into dreams, having just come out of them, and they are far superior,

next time you wake up from a dream, don’t move your body, and use your imagination to go back into the dream ! for me it was as easy as speaking to my mind “hey, you, guy, i just saw you, we were talking… pull me back into the dream please.” and he does.

THAT HAPPENED TO ME!!! I th.row in a bit of MILD and I go into the dream Lucid