My personal experiences with WILD

  1. I never have SP
  2. I Never get a whole lot of bright colors or stuff from HI, I usually don’t even notice it
    3. I was falling asleep, and really close to a dream, but it was pitch black under my eye lids, so I tried to imagine something, nothing happened. I tried remaining calm, and waited, and the feeling of in a dream went away, then came back 15 minutes later, then it went away, and it came back about 30 minutes later, then went away completely.

If you know what I’m doing wrong, or you have a suggestion, please post. I’m trying to master WILD, eventually.

The dreamlike feeling you have, are there lot’s or random thoughts and ideas runnining around, that seem to come from somewhere else? If, so, these are the early beginnings of HI. As you drift further to sleep these thoughts become more vivid until eventually you actually see them, and can even step into them. It sounds to me, like you are just not sleepy enough when you try it. I think a good measure is if you read a book. When the plot starts to become hard to follow, because it’s getting confused with random thought running through your head, that would be a good time to try (it works with other things as well, like if I play guitar when I’m very tired, I might start to believe that some of the notes have lots of little eyes that are playing a game in a swimming pool - things that defy all sense and science, like the sky smelling of red, and pulling faces at it’s mother). Make sure to use WBTB as well.

No, not alot of thoughts were around. I was focusing and trying to remember that I was about to be in a dream.

Then I suggest just trying make sure you’re closer to falling asleep when you make an attempt, and reading a book until it stops making sense and your eyes start wandering, might help you to do that.
Good luck with it.

Okay. I’ll try that. But it seemed that I was in the dream. I had been lying in the same position for about an hour or so. I thought I was in the dream already. Whatever. I’ll try again. I want to be able to master WILDing, but I don’t think anyone knows exactly how to do it. Alot of people are saying, look at HI, or ignore it. My HI is black, or white. Not very colored, so it’s hard to see the difference when I’m in my very dark room to fall asleep.

It’s truely amazing, how motivation can alter your lucid dreams, or lack of. I woke up and don’t remember anything and I don’t try very hard to have another LD. But like last night, I had this sweet fight dream. I basicly got into a fight club, and these people who beat me up while I was visiting in jail, their fight group, and our fight group, fought. And we beat the crap out of them.

Anyway, now I’m more motivated to try to LD.

i was wondering if anybody tell me there method to wild please.

I had a really good DILD last night. I did whatever I wanted to. It was awesome. The only problem was, I wanted to do time control, and talk to my SG, but I didn’t remember. But besides that, I did whatever I wanted to. I spun around on axis for first time, and that was kinda like my teleporting thing too. Whatever it was fun. You’d have to be there. :razz:

But whenever I try to WILD I end up DILDing. Whatever works right? :wink:

I’ve realized that I can’t WILD at all. Everytime, I end up DILD or MILD. I’ve only had like 2 WILDs out of 40 LDs.

I’m kinda in the same situation as you, except once I had an interesting experience. I was focusing on the swirling colors (I think it’s a basic form of HI), when I got a sensation like I was zooming through them. They were flying past me, but it really felt like I was moving. Unfortunately, this made me so excited that my heart went supersonic :wink: , causing me to lose it. A bit later it happened again, with the same results.

the whole WILD thing kinda confuses me for some reason…like i have a very very vivid imagination so i find myself day dreaming alot and occasionally if im tired enough i fall asleep with my eyes open and i find myself dreaming wut i was just thinking about and often ill still be lucid but i almost always wake up soon after. is this a sort of WILD? or would i have to actually go to sleep fully and have a full on LD for this to work?

WILD is an acronym for Wake Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream. If the dream you had wasn’t lucid, it wouldn’t count as a WILD. To be lucid you would need to realize during the dream you were dreaming and understood what that meant. :smile:

Even if you aren’t lucid you could potentially use this to get lucid. Incubating a dream could be one way to do this, basically doing what you did, but for example, putting dream signs into it. :grin:

yea but thats the thing i am lucid i just never stay asleep long enough to fully enjoy it…and speaking of dream signs i find myself alot of times in my old house that i havent lived in for years, would somthin like that work as a dream sign?

The only thing that concerns me in this topic is how you don’t experience SP…

I’m pretty positive everyon experiences it, or you’d be flailing in your bed every night. But I do understand that concern because I have never conciously felt SP either. I can lie still for hours and not once feel the shock waves running through my body.

If you’ve had at least one WILD, that does NOT mean you can’t WILD at all… :tongue:

so i think i had my first WILD experience last night…i fell asleep and had a ND and i woke up when my dad got home around 7a.m. got up smoked a cigarette drank some soda and layed back down…while laying there i got nice and relaxed and let my mind drift off like i usually do…then i found myself thinking(maybe dreaming already) about a desk all cluttered with stuff on it so i picked up a calculator and thought im dreaming and BOOM LD :happy: ill spare u the details of the dream but i was thinkin the other day how it was weird that im never really cold in my dreams altho living in new england i get cold alot and during my LD i found myself cold…also that running in slow motion thing happened too