WILD help

So i don’t really understand WILDing :neutral: from what i get its the following. ly still and watch the colors on your eyelids till you feel tingleing and numb and then you start hearing things and seeing things and then you start to see scenery and sooner or later you in the dream. that’s what i get from what i read WILD seems great and simple once you’ve got it but i want to know how to do it first.

thanks for all any helpful tips.

Don’t start with WILD! Make a DJ, maybe try MILD, but many beginners are drawn in by the “LD at will” of WILD, when it really isn’t that easy. I as well as many others will testify that you should start elsewhere, and many of the best LDers on this site still can’t WILD. Here is a guide to getting LD’s with a dream journal; I suggest you start there.

I agree with what Okapis Rule said. Starting with WILD can only frustrate you incredibly and end up ruining the experience of LDing. I’m one example where that happened; I just kept on falling asleep, and then randomly, my first (and to date only) lucid dream a few days ago was a DILD. My dream journal records helped me remember the dream and make it much more vivid.

There are plenty of WILD tutorials and other topics on this site, read through a few of those to get the basic idea. It’s rather simple, but difficult to actually pull off.

I don’t think it’s a problem to start with WILD, just remember that it’ll take a fair bit of practice. Do some other LD methods in conjunction with it, like MILD and RCILD. Also, remember that if you accidentally do become lucid one night, as soon as you feel yourself waking up, tell yourself to remain perfectly still once you wake up so you can use DEILD.

The sooner you start WILD, the sooner you’ll master it.

Helpful suggestions you received here, which leaves me only to tell you that WILD is something to try after you do have some experience regarding LDs. Most of the times a WILD or a near-WILD experience can happen involuntarily, as the beginner simply lays down. That’s what happened to me for example, and so I knew that it was time to start WILD.

No - I’m not mastering it at all, but I know how a full experience of such type feels like but I haven’t got enough time for this anymore.

So, don’t rush - especially not with WILD. Trust us. :wink:

I don’t know, WILD isn’t hard when you get all the steps right. And by right doesn’t mean by the book or by the guide. I think that WILD is one of the most personal/adjustable techniques that are known.

Like you said, you read all the steps in guide but know it’s on you to adjust them.

I think that the biggest mistake or left out information in guides is that the one should let himself fall asleep when he feels that he hit SP on it’s peek. Here’s my experience with that. And I can tell you, until I figured that out[because that information I did not find in any guide] the WILD was for me just like a another math problem. You know all the steps and all but you just missed out one little thing or overheard it and that makes your path toward result very hard but when somebody tells you what have you missed then it’s all very easy.

Some dreamers experience that and some don’t. The big question is if you ever experienced SP? I you did then I WILD should look like that:

  1. wake up for WBTB
  2. get back to sleep - wait for SP
  3. let yourself fall asleep

All other experiences are irrelevant, like HI or HS, because some experience those and some not. Like I said, WILD isn’t hard when you adjust technique to yourself!

Thanks for all the help, And of course i do keep a dream journel. I think Ill try a mix or WBTB and MILD