WILD help??

  1. do you need to clear your mind completely and NOT have songs stuck in your head?? I always do and can’t get them out!!! AAHH!!
    I’m not sure if your brain can be too active. But the whole thing is about your mind being awake while your body sleeps so . . .

  2. do you have to be on your back or can you lie on your side?

  3. whenever I try WILD I always fall asleep or get bored because nothing is happening. Any ideas on how to NOT do this?

I´m not a WILD-expert but I will answer out of my point of view: :content:
1)Wild is somehow the try to lie to your body, you say “I´m asleep” but in real you don´t. The key is to bring your mind to a minimum level of thoughts, one of the most common techniques is Relaxation then counting from 100 down (optional: imagine you are going a stair down). You have to clear your mind but you have to hold some clearness. Too much clearness: You don´t fell asleep. Too less clearness: You loose yourself and sleep as normal (tricky huh :tongue: ). So I think if this music is too disturbing its a problem. Try to let your mind work on sth “complex” like counting down (It´s difficult if you are too tired :wink: ). Or use an audio WILD: Listen to your music relax and just observe the music with a clear mind (Music WILD: google MAY help, i don´t know)

  1. It depends. Whats your normal sleep postition? I´m a side liar. If I lie on my back its unnatural. The consequence: Mysubconcious register this as something special, im not falling asleep too early and can hold the clearness, problem: If not tired enough I don´t fall asleep :smile:. Lyingon the side: Faster falling asleep, problem with holding the clearness (WILD is like balancing between these two extremes :smile: ). Some monks(not sure) suggest to lie VERY uncomfortable to hold the clear mind. Try it, experiment.

  2. Had the same problem. When do you try? Before going to bed? Hope not thats a waste of time: Your first dream in a night is after 1,5 - 2 hours sleep and it lasts 5 minutes. WILD is usefull for a WBTB (If you don´t have to get up early). At the morning (again if you have time) or on afternoon sleep (after a good meal). REmember you have to “fall asleep” so you have to be a bit tired. Not too much.

Hope that I don´t created any fears in you. Sometimes WILD is very easy. Had a complete WILD (from wake to sleep) in 2 minutes. I described the technique here somewhere (In my DJ on page 2 :smile:).

Ok thanks. yeah i usually lie on my side but i sleep too quickly in that position. usually i try before i go to sleep but eventually i realise that nothing is going to happen and im wasting dream time–i just learnt that it IS better after a few hours sleep like WBTB. my problem with WBTB? whenever i try techniques i am no longer tired. when i dont feel like techniques for WBTB i am tired and sleep easily. so yeah that sucks . . .
my big problem? 1) i still cant get songs out of my head. even if i try counting it still plays at the back of my mind. so i tried audio things for WILD like BBs but they just keep me awake.
you didnt put me off WILD, but i think im just going to try WILD when i get more LDs. at the moment i dont think its the right technique for me but ill definitely try it when i get more experienced. i kinda want to see the hypnagogia and the hallucinations and paralysis they sound interesting