WILD "HI" Question

I have a question about WILDing and my current technique.

-I go to bed at 12:00
-Wake up at 4:30.
-I usually go to sleep in around two minutes because if I stay up any longer I have trouble falling asleep again.
-I attempt WILD. I sit there for 30 minutes, and see no HI, and feel no different. I basically lie down flat, and just keep my eyes closed and focus on colors, although I rarely see any. I get frustrated, and just fall asleep.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong that’s diminishing my HI?

Do not focus on the colours. Just concentrate on staying aware and let the colors flow past. I also had this problem. I would focus on the colors and try to make them more vivid but they just got weaker. Don’t concentrate on them too much and they’ll eventually turn into images.

Yeah. If you just let it happen, the most neat thing will occur. :woo:

My problem is patience…

I drift in and out of SP and sometimes HH…

I usually get a very close feeling of successfully WILD-ing, but then it drifts away.

How long does it usually take all of you to WILD - if you can, that is?

Me, as a person with troubles falling asleep, very long.

Long as in… how long?