WILD - I never fall asleep!


I’m a beginner practicing WILD, and I never get to HI but (that’s probably because I’m a beginner!) I get this sort of tingling, buzzing sensation in my arms, hands, sometimes my legs. Sometimes I get the falling sensation…

But what my problem is is that I do the counting with each intake of breath technique, and I count to a hundred, but NEVER fall asleep, let alone enter a dream. Do I need to tire out my body more? Am I not sleepy enough? I do get to sleep, but way after I’ve given up on WILD (and I’m a stubborn guy). Should I only start trying WILD when I usually fall asleep?

There maybe a few reasons why its not working, first off when are you trying to do a wild ? is it late at night as in you first initaial sleep or is it during sleep as in used with WBTB. Wild in my opinion is all about balance, the balance between having your body shutdown for sleep and your mind awake, this is the hardest thing to do.

Also just to point out i think that having a time frame and counting when doing this at the start of your sleep cycle is annoying hard as it put to much pressure on your body to fall a sleep. but from a WBTB point of view i normally pass out while counting because i am already in the sleep groove. When ive done wild from the start of the sleep cycle ive found that i had to entertain myself with thought for quite along time in darkness before my REM started, then the dream kicked in.

i recomend trying wild from WBTB as it my be easier to induce under thoese conditions. Your REM cylces will be more frequent so you’ll have less time to wait in the limbo state, you’ll proberly won’t reach 100 so you’ll feel less annoyed (even if it don’t work and you fall asleed)

The main tips for that are to wake yourself up during your increase REM stage of sleep which is about 4hour after you went to bed, this changes from person to person, what i got to help me is lucid weaver… [url]Lucid dream software for mobile phones]

once your awake stay still and try to go back to sleep using wild , now the trick for me is not going back to sleep right away as i am heavy sleeper like that, try and think of a away to keep your brain active, if you have a strong imagination try thinking and acting out in your head what you want to do in your dream, Ignore the HI stuff you can skip that if your imagination is good.

now i never notice the difference from my imagaination/to dream change but i feel it and i KNOW its happened, and its seamless which is hard to expalin.

But once your in your in if that makes any scence, try keeping your imagainary images and your activities around lucid dream activites as you might miss the transistion.

This is how i do it and just so you know it does not work every time yet its the only way ive gotten to wild, read everything on this board and try it all to find your way of doing it.

Any questions just ask :cool_laugh: [/url]

I have this same problem. I have gotten as far as HS, but never farther!

I think I will simply go to sleep earlier so that I am comfortable with the amount of time it takes me to fall asleep like this.

I’ve gotten to the point where I feel like i’m trying to push myself into the dream. Did not work for me yet, though. I’ve also gotten to a hallucination before, but never really HI (but of course it varies, so no biggy).

Goodluck with WILD, I will agree that WBTB will help a lot.

Thanks with the good luck - maybe I just need more practice? I’m gonna try again tonight though! Haven’t eaten anything since about seven o’clock (dinner/supper/whatever) - hopefully that’ll help!

And I’ve been reading the forum for ages, maybe that’ll help too.

Hey, has anyone tried a hybrid combination of WILD and MILD?

I had my first WILD experience a few months ago and have had a few (5 or 6) since. I have been using the WBTB for a long time now to increase the frequency of my LD’s and apparently that led me to the WILD side of LD’ing… anyway, some refer to the experience as astral projection, but whatever it is, it was certainly entertaining. I was slowly falling away from consciousness when I realized I could move my “dream arms” and then rolled out of my bed and entered the dream world. Never having lost consciousness, I proceeded to explore my room and environment. I could not hold lucidity for an extended period of time an subsequently woke up from the dream state. I have been trying the WILD technique on a regular basis now with out too much success, but my LD’ing during the night is definitely increasing. If anyone knows some techniques for preventing the “fade out” please let me know. I recently employed the “rubbing together of my hands” technique and that seems to work very well, but I would like some other options from other experienced LD’ers.

Viva ld4all!

I have the same problem. I wait about ten minutes, see HI and when I try to focus on it, it disappears…It is really weird and frustrating

When I started doing WILD, I had a hard time figuring how to make myself fall asleep after seeing HI. Later, I figured that (for me) when I see HI, I was actually in a dream. And if I tried to focus to get into a dream or do nothing, I would either fall asleep (and sleep), or wake up. Sometimes I was actually in a dream when I thought that I hadn’t fallen asleep and I thought that my eyes were open.

Since then, the moment I get HI or hear the buzzing sound, I assume that I am in a dream and start peeling myself off the bed. I start moving when my body is still in something like sleep paralysis. But my mind is not, “I better fall asleep now or I will miss the WILD”, but “although it doesn’t seem like so, I am actually in the dream already.”

I have that problem as well… Kind of, whenever i get any slight feling of SP i freak out and have to start again

Well I didn’t have an LD last night! SURPRISE!
Ah well, I’ll just practice! More and more!

Although I’m actually doing a load more reality checks since I’ve started visiting here; do RC s help with WILD?

But last night, when I tried WILD, I kept feeling the falling, rushing sensation. But that was it. Better than nothing though I suppose!

The state you’re trying to hit is body asleep mind awake. Or, more specifically, body asleep, mind in a psuedo awake. If it’s fully awake, WILD tends not to work. You have to let yourself (your mind) fall asleep somewhat, but not all the way. You have to ride the line between unconscious and awake, which is quite tricky to do. Practice is your friend.