WILD is officially weird now.

It’s one of those awkward techniques that is extremely simple in principle (fall asleep while maintaining a bit of conscious awareness), but the way in which it manifests itself is completely weird sometimes.

I don’t practice this technique very consistently. I’ve had a number of successes in the past, but most of the dreams were very short. I think I had one WILD that lasted about ten minutes and one that lasted around five. The other were all very short.

This morning something happened that I didn’t even think was possible for someone like me. I had eight WILD’s, all in very quick succession. I don’t quite remember how the first one started, but it lasted no more than ten seconds. After I woke up from that one I didn’t move at all and just decided to go straight back into another WILD. My mindset was peculiar. I knew it was going to happen, and I knew it was going to happen immediately. And it did.

#2, as short as the first one. I end up in my dark bedroom, and the whole dream feels unstable from the get-go. I wake up again. Once more, I decide to just hop straight into another dream from there. #3 isn’t much different. Once again I end up in my bedroom, still dark and disoriented. I think I may have actually gone into the backyard through my window that time. Woke up again in a matter of seconds.

#4, same thing (roughly) happened.

I had four more after that, all induced in the same way, directly after waking up from the previous one. The last three lasted longer, though. About a minute. And the last two were even somewhat vivid, although lucidity was relatively low.

Every time I woke up from one of these, I thought to myself “oh man, I’m gonna get right back into another dream and stay in it this time.”

I don’t even recall very strong or unstable emotions during these WILD’s, because I’ve had them before, so I don’t get overly excited about them anymore either.

I tried several times earlier that night, as well as a few times after those 8 WILD’s happened, but then I seemed to not be able to maintain awareness while falling asleep anymore. It’s good to know that slipping into a dream from a waking state can be so incredibly easy that you can do it in quick succession…

But what annoys me is that I couldn’t stay in those dreams, as well as the fact that I was unable to replicate the feat later on, despite me having more dreams after that. I’m not even counting them as 8 LD’s in this month’s tally because, frankly, all of them sucked except for the last two. I’m just adding one to this month’s count.

WILD is weird. lol

Wow that is realy wierd sven, i wish i could have 8 mini WILDs like that though lol. Im hopping that after this your not hinderd from further WILDs. I wonder what was different from normal WILDing maybe u actualy wernt ever waking up O.o maybe its relevant to you trying to be more lucid IWL.

No, I definitely woke up in between those dreams. That’s one thing I know for sure and really, it’s the only thing I know for sure.

About the lucid IWL part, nah, I don’t think that has anything do with it. That’s more of a thing that should help me become lucid spontaneously in dreams more often. Of course it doesn’t deter me from further WILD attempts and such. It actually did spark my interest. Just also confused me. Why were those dreams so easily entered, yet so hard to actually STAY in?

Sven, this is something completely normal and shows you are on the right path :smile:. Once I even had around 15 mini-WILDs, each lasting less than a minute, it was quite frustrating :razz:.

In my experience, this tends to happen more often when I’ve already slept for a long time (7h or so). If that was the case, maybe you could try to WILD earlier?

Another side effect you might get soon (if you keep practicing) is that you sometimes won’t be able to lose consciousness if you WBTB, getting a WILD whether you want it or not :razz:.

Nice to hear you’re making progress :smile:

Maybe you where just too lucid and because of how fully aware of dreaming you where no matter what was happening in the dream you mind was still telling you that u where laying there. or maybe with how quickly u were entering your dreams it was happening too soon. or maybe u were not fully gettin SP so when u treid to move much in your dream your WL body moved and was causing instability? just spitballing

Lately Iv also had multiple WILDs in a row but they never lasted more than 15sec.
I got them when i did WBTB during the morning hours (0600). The reason why I wake up is because im still somehow aware of my real body, and when i try to move my dream body, I end up forcing my real body to move which wakes me up
Might be the same for you?

I think I had indeed slept for about 7 hours when this happened. Not entirely sure, but I believe it was around 6:30-7:00 in the morning and I went to sleep a bit before midnight.

And if it happens more often, I won’t mind. It’s better for practice that it happens often rather than not at all. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s an abundance of lucidity, as the WILD’s themselves were actually somewhat low-level as far as lucidity goes, short as they were.

As for the entering dreams too quickly… Hmm, could be, but I didn’t really try to prolong or shorten the process.

I’ve had this too. Some times they are DILD’s though. I lose awareness for a split second and the dream is almost fully formed when I regain lucidity… It’s good in a way because you get to practice entering the dream and getting more and more used to all the sensations.

It’s also great because you start caring less if you wake up since you know you can just hop back in :tongue:

Chaining is the gold mine of medium-experienced dreamers :content: You have a LD, you want more, BAM, back inside, enjoy :lol:

The next step would be recognizing why you woke up in the first place, there’s plenty of possible reasons but it usually boils down to lack of attention to the dream sensory (–> less vividness), so by keeping more immersed in the dream, you should do fine and enjoy your long, uninterrupted dreams :wink:

Yeah, the next few WILD’s I get I’ll definitely start getting into the action sooner, rather than standing around in my dream bedroom like an idiot, wondering where I am.

Although I was pretty involved in the last one, where I still woke up early, although that is likely due to the fact that by then a REM cycle was completed, since I had been drifting in and out of dreams for about 15 minutes, and I don’t know what other dreams I had right before that.