WILD is working great

hey guys… just wanted to share with you all that WILD has really worked for me lately.

the day before yesterday I did WILD and had a decent ld, than I passed on to another dream, Then, today I did WILD and worked, after that lucid dream (which only lasted for about 15 seconds) I woke up, and immediately tried WILD again, and had an way more vivid lucid dream, this was lasted much longer :smile:

Im so glad I started doing WILD, I feel like Im getting the hang of it. Ive noticed that everytime I try the technique there is a moment durring the HI were I start to feel a sinking sensation in bed, what I do is just keep focusing on the HI and let myself keep sinking, allways relaxed and focusing on the HI (but never too focused), then theres a moment in which the sinking is just too much and my mind feels like its wandering off somewhere, like its been pulled away… and It starts to form a scenery, then its when I immediately know Im in a dream. its hard to explain, but its a strange feeling, going from lying in bed to knowing Im In the dream, but you definetaly know when you’re in one.

anyways. just wanted to share this. I think WILD is what works best for me. Im trying it tonight again

congrats, im glad its workin for ya. wild has never worked for me but i havnt put much effort into tryin.

i just do a few rcs here and there and every now and then im rewarded by becoming lucid in a normal dream.

i wish you continued success!


WILD also worked for me. However, strangily I did not experience a dream. I have written a little bit about this in my topic.
It was very late in the night and after having waked up I had tried counting (the WILD way). Suddenly I felt my heart beating like nuts and my eyes moving. I could not hold on then so I opened my eyes. Did an RC, just in case, but, of course, it was affirmative.

But there is said to be some strange side effects with that. Like, hekimoglu has said to have seen witches, other people get the SP and OH, strange feelings and things happening, like people knocking on their window.
Aren’t you afraid of that?

well, 2 years ago I stopped doing WILD due to some scary stuff that happened to me. but now Im decided that wont stop me, thats why I started getting back into WILD, because I know its def. the technique that works for me.

anyways, if you want to know… back then when I was trying WILD I saw the old hag about 3 times, the room door is right in front of my bed, so I would see the old hag actually opening the door and comming inside my room. never does anything though, just stands there, but allways gets next to bed (this usally happens durring SP) another night I saw some really strange shadows and I would hear voices… now, theres no way I shadow can be projected inside my room because the curtains were shut, yet… there were shadows, and there was a girls voice, dont really remember what she was saying, more like some kind of mumbling… AND another night while durring an SP, I had the feeling of some sort of invisible being crawling up on bed and laying on top of me, I could feel his/her body pressing on mine. it was weird, but I could tell it was a body, it would press really hard on my chest, but I told it to to go away and it did.

thats pretty much all the scary stuff that has happened to me

Saori, and that’s it?
Heh, seems like a piece of cake to handle to me…

/me is not going to do WILD anymore, as long as there is another way

But anyhow, I’m interested in the side effects… Do they occur to everybody or just to some certain percent of people? If so, around what percent would it be?

piculum, heh well it sure is scary, its not really something you get used to… since I started doing WILD again the old hag hasnt appeared or any of the other thing… but its just that WILD seems to be what works for me almost everytime I try it. So I have to somehow get used to this kind of stuff.

as far as percentages I dont know, but I know people who has done WILD for a long time and the old hag has never appeared, neither any other strange beings. but if you want to avoid any possibily of that to happen to you, then I guess you shouldnt do WILD. You could try MILD, I used to do it for a very long time and worked pretty good, along with DILD, by doing a TON of RCs a day

good luck

Apart from the OLD had shit WILD is great. Thats why i only do it when the sun is up. (seems to kill the old hag, coz i never experience voices/visions then).

And i cant seem to get any further with WILD than the sinking feeling and the little buzzing of my feet going up my body. After this my efforts seem to reach a dead point where i cant go further. Anyone any tips?

Hey, it’s great that you found a technique that works for you, Saori! I wish I could say the same for me, but it takes me so long to fall asleep that WILD is nearly impossible for me. I suppose I’m more of a MILD or DILD type.:yes:

Awesome work Saori, glad you can achieve lucidness easier. By th way thanks for the detail …only makes it easier for begginers like me.

how do you do WILD, directly when going to bed with meditation or WBTB or even more?

You most definitely will get used to it. I have been doing WILD for a long time. Yes, the first time I did WILD it did scare me but there were no forums on lucid dreaming at that time. I had no idea what to expect. In time I learned that everything that I see, hear, of feel is completely, harmless I was no longer afraid. Now WILD is a very cool experience for me. I get enjoyment from it.

As for the sinking sensation, to be honest I am kind of hesitant to give advice on that. Mainly because what you are doing right now is working for you so my suggestion is to stick with what works for you. With that said, instead of focusing on the HI if you imagined yourself falling it will help you go deeper faster. Another option is to try feel yourself spinning (that one was taught to me by Dm7) it is very cool. Once you have mastered doing WILD your way then, you might want to try some of those methods. The more techniques you learn the better. I found that I get board with just one technique and it will stop working for a while. Therefore, I have to switch them around at times. But master what works for you now before moving on to another technique.

I am glad to hear that WILD is working so well for you.

BTW- I hate the counting technique. I can get it to work but it can take a long time to cross over that way. At least for me. The counting just keeps me too awake. But that is just me if it works for you keep doing it. However, if you are using counting and are struggling with it you might want to try a different technique.