WILD - It's Not Loss of Awareness

So, I recently had a few WILDs and perhaps DEILDs (you can read them here) and I noticed something peculiar about WILD.

From what I understand, the reason why most people say WILD is difficult or why new people shouldn’t try WILD is because it is difficult to maintain awareness. For a while I thought this was the case as well until I had the dreams linked above. It led me to the following idea:

Perhaps maintaining awareness is not the problem. The problem is realizing you have begun dreaming.

Think about it. Dreams are built off of memories and thoughts, right? Past experiences and current beliefs. Well, as you are laying going to sleep there is one persistent belief / understanding / experience / thought : that you are in your bed, in your room, laying down, going to sleep. (Some peoples’ situation may be different; chair, couch, etc. We sleep wherever we want, eh? :razz: )

Now lets take a slight detour, here. Lucid dreams (and sometimes dreams in general) form around our expectations. We think X so we get X, you know? So if you are thinking that you’re laying in bed, or at least marginally aware of it, then it’s quite possible that the dream you slip into is of you laying in bed! In your room! (Or on the couch. :tongue: )

Also, look at VILD. You visually create a dream from your thoughts! You create a dreamworld by imagining how it would like. In affect you take your attention away from your soon-to-be-sleeping self and put it into a world that is within your imagination. Your thoughts are then occupied by this vision and this becomes the basis for your dream.

This leads to my hypothesis: It is not maintaining awareness that is the primary difficulty in WILD, but realizing that one has actually transitioned into a lucid dream.

So what? Just do a reality check, right?

Obviously this leads to some major predicaments. When one WILDs one attempts to slip off to sleep, maintain awareness, and enter a dream. Movement tends to be counter intuitive. But movement is required for reality checks, which are required to realize one is dreaming! (Usually.) If the problem is realization and we can’t move to reality check (or we risk disrupting the WILD process should we not be asleep yet) how can we overcome this!

Movement-less Reality Checks

Easier said than done, eh? I did a quick search of the forum, and, without sifting through the BIG Reality check topic, I didn’t find anything pertaining to ones that can be done without moving.

One does come to mind, though. I call it the “Spoon” reality check. :razz: Basically, you take a spoon with you to bed (or something metal) and have it resting in your hand with your thumb on the bowl of the spoon. Every now and then you give it a little push with your thumb.

If the spoon bends, you’re dreaming. If your finger goes through the spoon, you’re dreaming. The result is a reality check that doesn’t require movement, though it does require tensing a few muscles to exert some pressure, but because the spoon is hard (obviously and made of metal) if you’re awake you don’t move, but if you’re asleep the spoon gives way quite easily.

Here’s a link to a post on the Lucidology website that talks about some movement free reality checks. (And is obviously where I came across the Spoon reality check, before. :razz: ) It has a few movement free reality checks on it, but they can sort of fall into the trap of your expectations.

I can attest to this claim by using the first movement free RC check listed there as an example: the blindfold test.

When I sleep, I usually sleep with a pillow over my eyes (because I don’t have an eye mask :razz:) . Well, the same was true for these WILDs, and I can say that that lack of sight made its way into those dreams as I recall no visual images until I realized I was dreaming.

So the question is does anyone know any really good movement free RCs? I’d like to get a list together so I could test them out and see if I can get more WILDs. :razz: I’d also like to hear what everyone else thinks.

I’ll contribute a minimal-movement one that I’ve mentioned in #ld4all many times. Most people aren’t aware of their tongue as they go throughout their day, so applying pressure to the tongue with your teeth (not a “bite”, it’d be silly to hurt yourself!) can reveal that something’s off. I distinctly remember doing this in my very first lucid dream after I realized I was dreaming, and there was nothing but air inside my mouth. That said, while having a lucid dream in which I made the attempt to taste something, this RC didn’t work because I had already focused on my tongue’s presence. I suspect that people that are very heavily into awareness during wakefulness may not be able to use this RC, but for the rest of us, it’s a possibility.

I was replaying to many WILD subjects and topics and from what I saw people had the problem with just what you said in your topic title. They had a problem of letting go and falling asleep. Many times they maintain awareness so long and hard that they couldn’t fall asleep.

Then again there were ppl that fall asleep to fast and lose awareness and didn’t notice the transition from waking into dreaming state.

From my own experience I had the problem of letting go. I would lay in my bed for some serious time and I couldn’t fall asleep, when I finally start to lose awareness and experience the HH I would get excited or worried in some way and I would brake the process. When I finally figure out what I need to do and how I need to do it then everything became easy.

As it seems you did exactly that and you might help someone else, that’s great, it’s always nice to see someone makes a breakthrough in WILD quest. It’s very hard technique because if I tell you how it works for me it may not work for you at all, or it might, you can never know until you test it and spent some serious time and dedication and that’s what the most of the newbies at WILD or dreaming in general lack…

Also I want to discuss this movement free RC’s. I never had need for them because whenever I do WILD my body tells me what and when it’s going to happen. That’s practically the RC in a sense. Every time when I’m on the verge of the lucid dream I get this rushing feeling through my whole body. Not much after that I’m in a dream. And that’s where your hypothesis is true:

My last few LD’s are exactly this situation so to speak. I woke up and decided to do WILD as I was slipping into HH’s and easily letting go and falling asleep this feeling came along and I new that this is the time to let go and fall asleep in order to find my self in a dream. As I was falling asleep I made the sensation in my mind of rolling over and as I rolled over for split second I lost consciousness of everything and after that I find myself rolling over in my dream bed! Of course I knew it was the dream, made a RC and I shout to stabilize the dream…

Well that’s my story, I really hope you succeed in your quest, WILD is great technique if not the best…

Good luck! :content:

Thorn: Ahh. That’s a good one! I’ll have to remember it the next time I’m falling asleep and I think I’m dreaming. :wink:

dB_FTS: Yea. I tend to be on the overexcited side as well laying until late in the night unable to fall asleep, but I’ve also have had quite a few in which I just lost consciousness almost immediately despite keeping a focused awareness up until that point.

I totally agree with what you state about the need for time and dedication to WILD. That’s why I’m always experimenting with it and practicing despite having a success ratio of like 0.1%. :razz: I just feel that eventually I’ll stumble on to that “feeling” you get and I’ll be able to WILD whenever I want then because I’ll know exactly how to do so.

I’ve had this once. One time I attempted a WILD and I suddenly had a supreme sinking feeling and then a rising one. It felt like I had fallen through my bed and then had been thrown into the sky. A second later I was dreaming lucidly.

Thanks again, guys, for the replies.

I should mention that Kevin/TrackStar popped into chat last night and reported success with the tongue RC, so now I know that it’s not just meant for me and the person from whom I heard it. :razz:

you were really going somewhere with this xaos.

one has to realize having transitioned into a lucid dream.
realizing that you have begun dreaming.

there is no need for any form of RC when entering the dream directly, if you are checking reality it is because you have lost contact with it, and if you have lost contact than you are merely attempting.

one is likely to simply not be aware of already dreaming.
the dreaming state is not what one would necessarily expect, we think X …but is it X?
one might not enter the dream for attempting to, while already dreaming.

the same goes for falling asleep, it is not necessarily what one would expect, we think X, but is it X?

WILD: it’s not loss of awareness, than why RC?