WILD linked to nocturnal sleep? (vice-versa)

I was on the verge of a WILD at about 6:30 this morning. I woke up and was about to go to sleep when my niece started crying. So after things settled down, I focused on my breathing to fall asleep faster (I was so tired!!) I think I fell into a light sleep, but suddenly became concious. Weird sensations. It felt like I was being folded up backwards (so my ankles would touch my head) and then like I was being tossed around. Meanwhile, my hearing was going insane! In my left ear (against the pillow) it sounded like I was being dunked under water, like a clear hiss, then [whoosh] and everything muffled, then clear, then muffled. In my right ear it was a computer sound, like a bunch of blips and blaps (heh, the only onomatopoetic words I could think of)They were very fast, and it sounded like I was… being downloaded or something! After the tossing sensations stopped, it felt like my arms were hanging down in front of my chest and I was being suspended in a thick liquid. Shortly after that, everything stopped, the noise, the sensation, and I couldn’t feel my body at all. I was just aware of my head. All I could see was a blue sky with desert land, and the clouds were very rough spherical shapes, but this whole scene was very hazy. (I wonder if it was still hynogogic images) I was too afraid to open my eyes in case I would open my real eyes, so I didn’t even attempt to open my dream eyes either. From there, I slowly realized I was lying in bed, yet I still couldn’t feel my body. I thought my arms were still hanging under my chest, but I didn’t know really. So when I woke up I twitched my arms and found that one was at my side, the other under my pillow and above my head, and I literally said “Oh there they are!”

That was from my blog. I censored some things out of it so it’s not the entire story. When I woke up I realized I’ve had similar things like that before, particularly during nocturnal sleep (which it almost was, but nothing “happened” in the end.) It’s pretty much the same things, weird noises mixed in with some sort of fantasy, feeling motion/spinning. Sometimes I even have some degree of lucidity. I was just wondering if there is any link to nocturnal sleep and lucid dreams, MILD, WILD, whatever. I heard that in nocturnal sleep you are more concious as opposed to normal sleep. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

i’m not sure what you are asking… sleep is sleep, nocturnal or otherwise… it sounded like you were entering sleep paralysis which is associated with REM dreaming sleep, however if you were worried about moving your body you may have still been in non-REM sleep, as from my experience (and speculation) you can have LDs, and more often OBEs, in NREM, it’s just that you are still aware of your regular body and you can move it around if you aren’t careful.

When I’m worried about my body moving I’m usually not in what I would call a solid REM sleep.

So yes, that is all definitely 100% linked to sleep, and “nocturnal sleep” as well… it is just easier to WILD in the early morning as you have longer periods of REM and you are already very relaxed.

Errr… What do you mean by “nocturnal sleep” ? Generally speaking, it’s the opposite of “afternoon naps”… :confused:

Nocturnal sleep: more mature term for “wet dreams” :good:

The more common term is nocturnal emission.

oh… i’ve never had one that i can 100% confirm :sad:

One idea that came to mind when i read “nocturnal sleep” was the difference i got in LDs at different times:

During the night (1.00 - 6.00 am) my LDs were less frequent but were more vivid and longer (my control over them was better).
In the morning (after 6.00 am) i was more likely to get a LD but it was blurrier and it ended quite soon…
I’m a light sleeper. Is this normal?