WILD Method, Results more of an Astral Projection o.0

Last night I was going to try to LD using the WILD method, I’ve never LD’d before and been working on it every couple nights for about a week and a half. I was laying on my back on my bed closed my eyes, and within a couple minutes my body out of nowhere felt really heavy. I could feel it heavy as a stone pushing into the bed (Waterbed) like it was falling asleep but i was still conscious. Soon after (couple minutes) My eyes got real heavy and was pushing shut like i WAS asleep and i was keeping awake watching my eyelids. Then i started to see my room come into view from exactly where i was laying, starting with the glowing stars i have hanging from my ceiling then the little long shelf on the side of my bed. I felt really deep into it and started becoming clearer and clearer then i felt my throat start itching and it pulled me out of it. DANM I need to stop smoking lol! I was pissed, but the results seemed more of a Astral Projection, im going to keep trying it, but this is the first time ive gotten results and not falling asleep before anything happened. :obe: What do you guys think?

im trying to attain lucidity first so than i may leave my body in my dreams…

Sounds like you came close to a lucid. It’s hard to stay asleep when you’re in that stage. You may have thought it was your throat drying up but it was probably also due to the shock of such a strange new experience. Your body kind of jolts you back to consciousness- it’s not so easy to fool!

Keep practising. Mimic, what you did that night, then just relax and say to yourself that whatever happens happens. Keep a record of any experiences like that and make sure your notes include exact detail on what you felt.

If you begin to have HI or feelings similar to SP then you’re damn close to what should prove to be a very vivid LD or even OBE, since you are going directly from being awake into a dream.

I had this a few times, where my body would feel heavy, then it felt like I was falling down rapidly and then I would hear a hissing noise (usually at this point I would wake up) but one time I actually appeared in some sort of room and looked down at my dream hands. Everything sort of faded to black after that and I woke up but it was a mesmerising experience.

Good luck and keep trying… :cool:

Hmm… reminds me of my first WILD attempt. I know exactly what you mean in that it is like your eyes are close and suddenly you see your room exactly as if your eyes were see-through. Someone told me it is called “Astral Vision.” I dont mean to be confusing but I have WILD’ed before and this experience is totally different, the only way I an explain it is in a WILD you relax to a near sleep state and when this happens you are quite active inside your head. Anyways dont worry its a good sign and if you find your self in that state again ( I havent) get up and walk around, you never know what might happen.