WILD on Melatonin

Lately, like all the times i’m heavy working, I found myself developing a sleep disorder (perfectly awake during the night, get to sleep at 5 am, wake up around 11 am, feel sleepy and half dead without being able to fall asleep for all the day until like 6 pm , finally get like 20 minutes of sleep around 6 and then again fully awake until 5) so my doc adviced my to take some melatonin (3 mg)…

Well it really worked on getting my normal schedule and even more… I’m sleeping like 10 hours a night so 3 nights ago I decided to try a WILD while melatonin was hitting… the only time i was able to get it before I had a very blurry ld, but felt no transitions at all, last time instead I went all way down from fully awake to numb, then had some HI, then saw some big white flash, got excited and found myself fully awake… Could that have been the transition? And could be that amount of melatonin doing the trick of gettin me so far in less than 30 minutes? (normally it takes a lot more to me even to get to HI as anything i begin to think about really boosts my concentration too much)

Well, all I know about melatonin is that it’s suppressed by light stimulating the eyes, and it’s a chemical that makes you tired/sleep. Perhaps it helped you relax better. So in theory it could quickly educe the HI state, I suppose it depends on how long it takes for your blood to absorb it.

(Sorry if this is considered reviving a dead/outdated topic, but no one had answered your question yet. :sad: )