wild...once and for all

hey everyone, i try and wild every night and i just cant seem to get it.

First off im sorry if this has been talked about or is on another thread somewhere, but anyway…

I wanted to know exactly wat i should be expecting while doing a wild. I have been reading everything i can find on the topic and im just getting mixed opinions.

I want to know the stages beginning to end, can i do this at my first attempt to sleep at night?

When do the vibrations come? are they very realistic?

Wat are the waves? wat exactly is HI? is it the same for everyone?

wat happens wen u wild?

if anyone could take the time and answer some questions i would appreciate it, thanks

and sorry for the long post…

beginning, after concentrating on wilding your body goes numbish and feels vibrations, they are super realistic or not at all, and you sink into your matress (not for real, its just a common feeling) then you can start to feel like your falling and spinning, soon after you see swirling lights and sounds in your ears etc, this is HI (well the swirly lights anyway, the sounds just happen aswell, they are associated with HI tho) this gets more and more vivid until either you start to visualise a dream, or a dream starts naturally.
when you sucessfully wake induce a lucid dream, or wild, you will get a sudden rush of vibrations and be standing there in the dream world usually, depending on level of lucidity it can be like a normal dream or like a super-concentrated reality with everything from pleasure to pain to feelings, everything. 90% of ‘lucid dreamers’ only ever have low level ones though, where you have control over the overall outcome of the dream and roughly what happens, but not when you are actually standing there asif in real life.

thank you, that deffinetly cleared some things up for me.

1 more ? tough, how long does it take to WILD wen first going to sleep at night?

Unless you`re in sleep debt theres not much point in trying to WILD at night.Wild is about entering REM conciously- when you go to bed first time ,first REM will start after 90 minutes.Its impossibile to enter the dream in such conditions cuz firstly you will black out as we all do ,then you need to go through few sleep stages and then you get to REM.
good luck

no, your wrong there, i can enter a dream (not hi!) when going to bed at night when not doing sd, though its not terribly high level. maybe i get a time lapse and dont notice, fall asleep and pick up conciousness 90 mins later without notcicing a second. i dunno, i get 6 hours of sleep each night, not the best but its not sleep dep.
though your right in most ways, it is very VERY hard, i usually just fall asleep 98% of time trying at first sleep at night…
i really reccomend doing that wbtb stuff, most of my lucid dreams are due to me waking up early, then sleeping.
WILD is far harder, but can be more rewarding due to increased awareness.

293 you’re right it is possible but very hard, the dream you enter that way is nREM and probably pretty blurry and vague at the start (im not sure of that last fact though, I cant seem to WILD at evenings).