WILD or astral projection?

this morning i had a startling expirience. it started with a false awakening and then i slept again. i suddenly remembered robert bruce’s words which i read from the book ‘mastering astral projection’ day before. he said once inner body projection occurs i.e if u are in your etheric body instead of being in physical, u can easily project by using any exit technique. as i had a false awakening just a moment ago, i thought that my consciousness is present now in etheric body. my body also felt light in weight which is characteristic of etheric body and not physical body. so i wanted to use the rope technique for exit. i slowly started pulling the imaginary rope and to my surprise it worked. my hands were out first and by the pulling action i drew the rest of the body out. now i am hovering above my bed. i wanted to see my physical body but the vision was bad. as bruce mentioned, being close to physical body awakened me.
bruce mentioneed that you make this inner body projection by relaxing, energy work and then getting into trance. then you project easily by using any exit technique. while sleeping, it occured to me that this inner body projection happens naturally during hypnopompic state. and i was also having a streak of false awakenings. moreover, it occured late in the morning at 8am after a wake back to bed.
but, the exit is rather dream like and it did not last for long. so i wonder whether this is astral projection or WILD or just another LD.

unbelievable, again. i made it, again.i slept at 12 am and woke up at 5:30 am. then i watched lord of rings movie and read about obe stuff upto 9am. then i tried breath warenes technique described by robert bruce.
while doing these i had a few non lucid dreams. when i woke up i didnt feel like i slept. i appeared like i was still practicing breath awareness. i wanted to wake up. but i observed my breathing. as it is very deep, i thought my body must be asleep, but my mind is awake. but i could still hear noise from the tv in room. however i tried to project.
i willed myself to float or rise upward and it worked. and i turned to side and then i actually moved my rest of trunk and legs out without imagining them to leave the body. i think first imagination is required but actual movement should not be done because there is problem of awakening the physical body. once a part of the etheric body is out, rest of it can be dragged out by actual movement. i kept eyes closed during all this movement
when i was out i rushed out side, towards balcony and then out side. i flied instead of walking. i stood in the air outside balcony. gravity did not occur to me. i think this is difference between obe and ld.
my vision was bad. i tried opening my eyes but could not do that completely. i could still see feebly. then i rode a horse on road. staying in obe was becoming difficult. i wanted to return.
then i found myself back in physical body. it seemed very heavy which is an indication thaat i completely woke up. when body feels light i think its a sign to attempt projection probably because the consciousness is located in physical body