WILD or DILD. Which is better?

I’m just wondering, is there a difference in clarity between WILDs and DILDs. For example, are WILDs more clear or easier to remember, or is there no difference?

Recall of dreams depends on circumstances:
1.) The time of the night you had the dream
2.) If you woke up after the dream
3.) How concious you were off the dream

If, the dream was around 5-6 AM or more, then the chances of you remembering it increases (More vivid)
Waking up after a dream certainly gurantees you remembering it, (highly recommended if you’re having a lucid dream, is to wake up straight after it)
How much of it you was actually taking in, for example, Can you remember what you did 5 minuites ago?

When i wake up in the morning, I usually fall asleep again, I then have a dream which is perfectly recalled after (most of the time) since I meet all these conditions.

But there are ways of exercising dream recall, Like writing dreams in a journal and reading previous dreams before sleep. Staying stationary when you wake up. Asking your self to remember dreams before sleep.

This is basically the layout for all of dream recall. WILD is probably gonna be the most easyiest to remember and be most vivid, since you’re not actually losing any conciousness, It would be like going down the street and coming back again. Where as DILDS, you were actually not concious before the dream (not fully anyway) and when you come Lucid, you may not be very awake to take too much in so the clarity could be poor.

However that could be changed if you did the ‘More lucidity’ and ‘Lucid pill’. Generally just feed more into the dream, and feel the dream.

Thanks, I thought WILD would be easier to remember, because you are putting most of your thoughts into lucid dreaming.

I prefer DILD because I’m uber lazy.

But a lot of people prefer WILD because it’s more reliable.

Doesn’t really matter. As long as you believe in yourself, both techniques work perfectly fine.

WILD normally takes a lot of constant effort over an extended period of time to learn, but once you’ve mastered it LD will be at your fingertips. DILD has a chance of working whenever you dream, depending on your skill and on luck.

For recall, I recommend making yourself wake up at the end of each LD, whether WILD or DILD. You probably won’t forget it that way.

For clarity, WILD is probably better, I’ve actually WILDed within dreams and after that the dream was super-vivid, as if I had perfect eyesight. I think it’s a bit fuzzier with DILDs, but of course it varies from dreamer to dreamer.