I just read that you don’t start to dream until 2 hours after you start to lie down. No wonder I can’t WILD very good. :tongue:

But seriously, wouldn’t it be better just to MILD, would that not be easier? Instead of trying to stay awake for 2 hours?

I’ve heard that is better to WILD so you can eventually do it easily compared to MILD while it is luck.

What do you people think?

It would be a much quicker process if you use WBTB instead of just doing it right when you get in bed.

It’s to do with sleep stages. Most dreaming occurs during rapid eye movement sleep, which is the last in the sleep cycle, so when you first go to sleep you go through a couple of stages before you get to REM sleep. REM sleep is the longest I think stage, the others being relatively short. It is possible to dream in the other stages, but just not as likely. WBTB works, because if you wake up and then go back to bed within four hours of waking, your mind will still be in REM setting, so it’s likely you’ll go straight into a dream. There are some sleeping patterns that are used to stay in REM all the time you are asleep. Apparently, sleeping for fifteen minutes every four hours will do this. Einstein supposedly used to sleep like that. If you want to be sure about these stages, I suggest you try ‘Sleep’ in Wikipedia, which explains all about it.

Edit: I just looked at the link you posted and have seen that you’ve already read about the sleep stages. Well, the main point is that you can dream in the other stages, but it’s just not as likely to dream in those stages, so it is best to do WILD with WBTB in which case you go straight into REM sleep.

“Adults spend about 20% of their sleep time in REM and 80% in NREM sleep.”

I’m not an adult, but I heard it was like 25%.

No wonder I’m not having that many LDs. If you think about it, it’s really hard to have a LD, when you don’t even dream that much, and it doesn’t help if you can’t remember your dreams. (I can, but not the greatest, I will work on it)

That is negative thinking and probably a mental block you have created which is stopping u from having a LD. If you are new to LD then you dont need this. Although i love WILD, it can be a pain sometimes. I sujjest you try WBTB method. I have has had a very high rate of success with this method ( and i am in the process of this method right now. ITs 2 am here :smile: )

Dont worry about how long REM sleep is for or if you will be having an LD or not. Let it come to you. The more pressure you put on urself about it… the hader it will be for you to get anywhere with it.

I hope this helps.

I realize that I’ve wrote alot of crap, so if you don’t want to read it all, look at bolded stuff.

I’ve been LDing for like a year, but I still haven’t found the best tech for me.
(I was trying to be honest with myself about the negative comment) I always think of something great, and fun to do, but I can never do it. It’s like all thought and no action… but I’m actually trying. It’s frustrating, because ever since I first found out about LDs, I was interested and I could have LDs pretty good, it seemed, but now, it’s like I’m worse than I was starting. :neutral: To be honest, I haven’t had LDs very easily, I have them ever now and then, but I am actually trying though. So the block thing is pretty accurate. I actually thought about that the block, and your probably right. I have known about something was wrong kinda because I’ve been doing this a year, shouldn’t I be a little more advanced? How do I get this block out of my head? I actually try to get it out but it doesn’t work. I listened to Infinity and that used to work, but recently it made me worse? Now that I think about it, I think I know what the block is. I used to write in my DJ, and I would do really good, because I would remember my dreams, and if I failed, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Without my DJ, It’s harder to be motivated. I can’t WBTB on school days. But the weekends are so nice when I get to sleep in, that is how I LD the most. I wake up for like 10 seconds then go back to bed and that helps. Kinda like a WBTB.


  1. I can’t WBTB on school days, or on weekends, because my brother’s room is right next to mine. I maybe could drink alot of water, if I had to. :bored:
  2. I can’t write in my DJ. Tbh, I think it is because my brother basicly made fun of me kinda about LDing and DJ crap so now I’m unconsciously telling myself I can’t write in it. I’m trying to keep it kinda like a secret, just for me. But I still can’t write in it because my brother is always next to me, when I sleep, eat or use my computer, so I can’t even go on this forum without him maybe making fun of me. It’s like this, I think it doesn’t matter what he says, but it is also just awkward, I told him about it a long time ago and he is saying basicly wow that’s stupid. So that is the whole problem here. But he will move away in a year to college. :tongue: [/b]