Is this a MILD or WILD guys? i can’t decide. Here is what happened

I Wbtb + Mild with no intensions of WIlDing. I fall asleep and suddenly i snapped back to consciousness. I see my room in very little clarity. Then it all went black but soon it changed back into my room this time in extreme clarity (not suddenly but gradually). I don’t do any reality checks because i know for sure i am in a dream. I just knew. I remember going to sleep with my plans (MILD).
However i rushed into the dream and i just got pulled out. No slow fading of the dream or anything. I guess unlike a DILD in a WILD you need to wait for the dream to properly settle into the dream right?

Is this a WILD?

Later on with WBTB you usually will enter dreams very quickly, even when using MILD. In any case, it’s a good idea to stabilize whatever the dream is, whatever your technique. Start out rubbing your hands and get moving. Try to interact as much as possible using as many senses as possible. Technically if you went straight into a dream it is WILD, but don’t worry about techniques too much. They are just tools so if you found something that works for you keep it up :content:.

Thanks for the reply. And sorry for my late reply but i just wanted to know if it was a WILD. Because then it will be my first WILD and i would know how to execute it.

i think this was a WILD. at least when it happened to me, i considered it a WILD. next time i could already feel the transition between waking and sleeping, but my first time was also like “snap!” and i am suddenly dreaming and i know it, walking straight into a dream.

Rhewin is right. categorizing techniques is hard, because LDing doesn’t have strict boundaries, also there is no need to categorize. techniques work because of you, not because they’re techniques.