WILD or OBE? im not sure, opinions please :D

OK so last night, I was very tired and went to bed earlier, cos i had to start getting back on to “school time” (going back to school soon)
i had been given the LD’ing a rest for a few days, because i thought i was trying too hard
so last night i just laid down in my bed,
closed my eyes, concentrated on my breathing and tried to relax, getting into a comfortable position
so i started to hear a few noises and see some imagery, i started to get really excited
then i thought “NO I MUST NOT BE EXCITED!” so i calmed myself down :tongue:
im not sure if it was hypnagogic or OBE
because I started to feel as if i was floating almost, very slightly
and my body went a bit numb, i couldnt feel myself totally “in” my own body
if that makes any sense :tongue:
i started to get waves of hot and cold over my body
and my legs would get hot and uncomfortable so i would change position and ruin my concentration :tongue:
but i concentrated on the imagery and sounds and tried to “pull” myself into the dream, but to no luck
i think mainly because i wasn’t in a deep enough trance
when iwas focusing on the hypnagogic imagery, i used a technique i learnt to enduce the lucid dreaming
called the “blackboard” technique
you imagine 2 blackboards in your mind, then overlap them a slight bit
and then write something so its written on both of them
and apparently this is supposed to help include your subconscious dream state :tongue:
every time i would feel as if i were slightly floating, i would concentrate on it too hard and feel “jerked”
thats the only way to describe it
possibly my astral body falling back into my earthly body, thats why i wasnt sure if it was OBE or WILD, maybe both!
it was very fun, but fustrating how i didnt LD :tongue:
any tips or your ideas, experienced LD’ers and OBE experiencers?

Also, the day before i was having a dream, and realised it was a dream
but immediately woke up
i feel im getting close to reaching my goal of becoming lucid :grin:
hopefully not long now :grin: