WILD: Practice at bed time, perform in the morning?

I’m aware of the fact that the WILD technique is much more effective when done in combination with the WBTB method. My question is this. Is there anybody out there who “practices” the WILD technique at bedtime, knowing that it probably won’t work, for the purpose of increasing the chances of making the WILD technique work better later in the morning? Does it make a difference? Would I be better off using the MILD technique at bed time and the WILD technique in the morning?

Hello Eibbor70. :welcome:

Yes, I have done it myself several times.

Firstly, I don’t think there’s a strong correlation between trying bedtime WILD compared to the morning after to succeed. It feels more like gaining experience itself.
WILD is hard for most people and every experience gain is welcome.

On the other hand, if you use MILD during bedtime, it is very likely that it could increase the success rate of the morning-after-WILD attempt. You could mix MILD with WILD if you wish.

Best of luck.

Thank you :smile: I will try this combination tonight.