WILD - Pressure on your throat

I’ve been attempting the WILD technique for a few nights now and last night I finally decided to go through with the WBTB before attempting WILD. I woke up to my alarm (didn’t spend about a half hour reading about LD so maybe that was my problem) and then gave it a try.

It started out extremely smooth. I managed to progress from seeing just flashing lights and patterns to full lights and the beginning of shapes (I saw flashes of eyes, a hat, newspaper). But then I started feeling as though there was a sudden pressure on my throat. I ended up freaking myself out and moving. I tried again in a different position and again, I felt pressure on my throat. I knew I was able to breathe just fine and there was nothing obstructing my breathing.I tried to tell myself, “It’s ok it’s just part of the WILD technique, you’re fine, you’re fine,” and more mantras about waking up in a LD but it didn’t go away. I ended up getting super frustrated and just went to sleep and couldn’t remember any dreams from that night when I woke up this morning.

Has this happened to anyone else? Was I too focused on the feeling and that’s why I failed? Does anyone have any advice?

I felt this yesterday… I woke up 6 hours after I went to sleep and I stayed awake in the bed for 5 minutes at least (thinking about lucid dreams) , and then I tried WILD but I felt pressure on my throat and pain in my limbs… I was lying on my side, maybe that’s the reason for the limbs, but the pressure was disturbing :meh: I couldn’t focus, I kept trying but I fell asleep.

I don’t usually sleep lying on my back because its really hard for me to fall asleep like that :neutral: but I’ll try it using WBTB + WILD today… And, I read that meditation improves your focus, I think it’s good for WILD and LD’s in general… do you meditate? Maybe focusing on something may distract us from the body feelings

That’s called the “Roll over signal”. What happens is that your body is trying to figure out if your mind is asleep or not. It does this by sending false information of discomfort, for example pain or an itch. These are completely imaginary, and there is no actual pain.

If you ignore the roll over signal long enough, your body will think your mind is asleep, and this causes you to go into sleep paralysis. From here, you can float out of your body and start a really vivid LD! (one of the advantages of WILD)

This may be one of the hardest parts of doing WILD. For me, an itch starts on my face, and gets progressively worse until it literally feels like a lizard biting my face. You need lots of perseverance, and don’t forget to keep your focus.

You got the HI (the random images) which is a good sign that you were entering the dream state. Next time you see them, observe and remind yourself that you’re dreaming.

Oh, and WILD will never work at the beginning of the night.

What Kache said. Plus, WILD’s can usually vary a lot. I’ve had some annoying feelings during some WILD’s, and none at all during others. Sometimes it can be almost unbearable, so don’t get mad at yourself if you give in. You can try different positions too, WILD’s doesn’t have to be on your back (and WBTB doesn’t have to be 30 minutes, just play around with the times and see what’s best for you). On my back I get very strong roll over signals and always end up giving in, but on my side I just fall asleep :lol: See how it works for you. Meditation does help too. The best WILD’ers I’ve seen meditate their way into a LD (which is usually 100% of their dreams… :roll: )

(and WILD can work at the beginning of the night, it’s just a million times harder and more unlikely :razz:)

Thanks guys!! I kind of sort of made progress last night. I tried the WBTB again (which surprises me because I LOVE my sleep) and must have fallen back asleep right away, but I’m pretty sure I had a dream where I knew I was dreaming but couldn’t do anything about it.

I’ll keep tryin!

I feel this pressure on my throat too. It makes me take deeper breaths which has the tendency to make me more aware of my body and thus further away from getting my body to think I am asleep. This has really been a barrier for me with WILD :sad: Congratulations on attaining lucidity though!