WILD problem. Big help needed

Hi everyone !

So here it is. I’ve already had some lucid dreams, my first one with WILD (Some others with DEILD.). For a short time i gave up, because i couldn’t get lucid anymore :sad: ! Probably motivation issues…
Nevertheless, not long ago i had very short lucid dreams for absolutely no reason ! (See a thread here) So my motivation got through the roof, but it still seems impossible for me to get lucid, really, it’s like my subconscious is mocking me ! :cry:
Anyways, i don’t know how, but i need help !
To say that at a time, i was close to be able to have an LD at will :eh:
Each time that i get up at night i go back to sleep, IT NEVER happened to me before. And i already tried every technique i saw here :slight_smile: And i still prefer to stick with WILD, it gave me the most vivid LD.

Thanks alot for your support !

If you want to stay with WILD, then I suggest you stick with the basics and keep up with it. It might take time to get results, but you will have to stick with it. During the day, you should continue to work on your awareness. Remember to keep questioning whether you’re awake or not. It will help keep you from accidentally falling into an ND during WILD and makes it more likely to get DILD’s here and there to supplement your WILD’s. Above all, play with the technique. There is no way of doing WILD that will work exactly the same for every person. There are lots of variables to mess with.

Here, I wrote this article about WILD you can find here: [Making WILD your own (updated))

Thanks, that was a really great thread !
i’ll try to do as you said then :smile:

I’d also recommend you don’t let your past failures get you down. If you don’t succeed, shrug it off for some reason or another and tell yourself that you’ll succeed that night. I believe that if you have doubt about having a lucid dream then you won’t. You’ve got let go of that doubt for the chances of lucid dreaming to greatly increase.

Simply put, You have to believe to achieve. :razz: Focus on the successes you’ve had so far, and don’t worry about the failures. On top of making it more likely for you to dream lucidly, you’ll have a better time striving for LDs; you won’t be as stressed with the whole process. :wink:

Wow… That might just be it !
Thanks allot for the answers, i’ll try and report if i succeed :tongue:

Same Thing happened !
I woke up 5 hours after sleep, and even though i was motivated, i just turn off the alarm and went back to sleep ! That’s my real problem ! :neutral:
Please, any advises ? Maybe change the amount of sleep ?

i had motivation issues to start with just keep with it it will pay off i promise and when it does its the best feeling :smile:

new to this lucid dreaming myself but the rewards are never ending lol :smile:

What do you mean that’s your real problem? What were you trying to do?

What i want to do is wake up after some sleep (WBTB) and WILD.
Each time i just go back to sleep, it’s outrageous :eek:
I’ll try too change the amount of sleep, it may help. Or i’ll try to get up, to get a bit more awake.

Ah. I’ve had that problem.

Solution! Move your alarm clock across the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off… oh, and make sure it is LOUD.

Another thing to do would be to change the amount of time you sleep before you WBTB, but make it a multiple of 90 minutes. This way your awakening coincides with a REM period and it is easier to get up. For example, you said you slept for about 5 hours and then the alarm went off. Sleep for four and a half instead.

Hope that helps.

Thanks alot man :smile:
I’ll try that tonight, and i hope it works :tongue: It’s been a long time i haven’t got an LD ^^