WILD problem!

Hi All…

I have been practicing WILD religiously before going to sleep. I am finding it very difficult to say the least. It takes me a very long time to fall asleep and always has been this way. During this time I practice WILD but dont seem to get anywhere. Basically the whole time I am either seeing the blackness of having my eyes closed or am enganged in some visual thought. Thats as far as I get. The next thing I know I am awake and have missed my chance at WILD. Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

Would WILD be the best method for people who take a while to fall asleep? It takes me an esitmated 20 - 30 minutes.

By the way this site is fantastic!



Don’t worry, WILD is one of the hardest ways to get an LD. Start off with MILD or VILD. I tend to get DILDs a lot, so you can try to get those too.

Good luck! :cool:

First off, can you remember your dreams? (You should remember at least 1 dream a night before you try to ld) :smile:

I’m am still working to get a lucid dream again, but these techniques have helped me: Say something like, “tonight, i will dream and be aware of it. I will become lucid.” say it strongly; believe yourself that you will have an ld. this technique has helped me with dream recall. …though make sure that you don’t force. it…saying it a couple times at the most. :wink:

Then, think about what you would do in an ld. Like going through a mirror, or flying. Thinking about lding before I went to sleep helped me get my 1st ld.

This is all the advice I have…hope I helped though! :smile:


Thanks to you both! I do try positive affirmations before attempting WILD just to get in the mood and right frame of mind. i will try visualising what I would like to do in an LD maybe that will help, thanks! Inteding to LD is something I do always, since I read Art of Dreaming.

I will keep trying… thanks a heap!


Wait…I think I was describing techiniques I use for MILD, not WILD. sorry 'bout that!

I’ve been trying MILD, but no success yet… :neutral:

Hi mstrdeath, I too have been trying to WILD just before I go to bed for a long time and have had varied results. In my opinion if you wanted to WILD the best time would be after you’ve had a decent amount of sleep (around 6 hours or so ), and then try to WILD as you get back back to sleep. Most of my WILD experiences have occured this way … a large percentage of these were by accident too :content:

Though I do believe it is possible to WILD at night, it just takes a lot of practise and IMO not too much focus, as this would probably keep you awake, as it does for me.

… hope this helps :smile:

Although I never really had an LD I consider myself a WILD expert! hehehehe :content:
I think you’re in the right path! I think you only lack patience! Most of us do…
Try following this regime.
1- To get yourself more sleepy try breathing deeply. This works for me when I’m having insomnia, it calms my mind from being bombed with thoughts and makes me calmer so I can see HI.

1- Visual thoughts are actually HI. Keep observing your thoughts, not analysing though, that will block you. Keep doing it and doing it and doing it and eventually it will be morning and you’ve just woke up, and missed another chance! :content: But if that doesn’t happen then you’ll prolly start seeing those visual thoughts become stranger, and regular (audio?)thought become strange too!
There is a barrier between HI and real-dream, which I cannot really tell the difference. - One time I was letting HI flow and when I next thought “What am I thinking?” I was already in a dream. - This means the technique works! :content: wweee

Another “trick” I tryed, is what you guys prolly call VILD. As I started seeing HI, I started manipullating them. Trying to go to different rooms hopping that one of them would be the dream itself. - But nothing happened so I got borred and fell asleep.

Don’t give up on WILD, although it’s probably the hardest, it may aswell be the most effective technique. Hope I helped.
Good Luck


Try WILDing after 5 or 6 hours of sleep, you’ll hit REM much faster and you definitly won’t find it as hard or fustrating :smile:

WILD is best for people who fall asleep very quickly. As Josh Redstone said, you should try it with WBTB. In order to WILD, you don’t have to go out of your bed for minutes. Just wake up and trying WILD’ing immediatly.

Thanks again to all for your replies! Good luck to all of you in your LD ventures… pateintly waiting for my first!