wild problem

i take meds for my ADHD speccificly concerta XR it releases meds over 12 hours and it makes it so it’s impossible to sleep whikle on it, if i try to sleep while i take it i will just lay there concious. i’m wondering if this is going to help or hurt my wild chances thanks

I think we need some more info… How do you normally sleep if you are taking this medication?

I think trying to have a WILD is pretty much a waste of time, seems like people like to try this the most but not many get results. If you really want to have a WILD, try combining it with WBTB, instead of right when you go to sleep at night.

Will the meds hurt or help your chances of going into a WILD? If your body can’t physically fall asleep then you aren’t going to dream.

Whenever I try to WILD I will lie in bed for about an hour then get bored and give up. Its hard enough falling asleep with WILD, any drugs that keep you awake would just make it harder.

It only seems that way when you’re just starting to try it and fail. I finally tweaked it enough to where it works pretty well for me, and I love it. (not with WBTB, just straight to sleep)