WILD Problem

Hi, im new here. Yesterday i had my first lucid dream! Unfortunately, it lasted around 7-8 seconds. But, that short dream has refounded my almost shattered faith in lucid dreaming.

I have been keeping a dream journal for a month, and trying
MILDs for a while, but nothing happened… until now. My first lucid dream was very random. Anyways, ive been experementing with WILDs, but i have this problem around where i start having hypnotic imagery, my eyes start twitching like crazy, and i cant keep them closed. Am i getting to worked up? Nervous?

If anyone has any clue how to stop this please respond.

I can never keep my eyes closed either. :sad:
I think I see some real imagery, but it’s really just my nose, because my eyes are half-open :cry:

This sounds like you are focusing on your eyes too much. It can be tricky to do but you need to forget about your body. It’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of “My eye is twitching and/or cropping open” You get frustrated since this is not what you want. Suddenly now all you can focus on is your eyes, how they feel and what they are doing. It’s important to stay calm, there isn’t really a time limit on getting to sleep. Maybe try to stay relaxed about it, and hopefully you’ll find your eye isn’t really all that annoying. :wink:

To relax your eyes, try thinking about the space between your tongue and the roof of your mouth.

I sometimes start intensive thinking about something while lying in the bed, forgeting about everything. If I won’t suddenly stop that state, it will eventually take the form of semi-dream (a dream lasting while I’m awake) and in some point of that semi-dream, WILD will always begin (as for me).

Try to forget about your body. Do not pay attention to your eyes you should only be awake in your “head”. From what I remember from WIlDing there are several variations you can use for the technique such as using your mind to enter “hypnotic imagry” or laying down without moving for so long that you reach body paralysis and enter the dream. At any rate make sure your not “too awake” or it might be a bit hard to get in lucid land