WILD problem

OK, I went to sleep and tested if i could go to bed using wild…

First i relad and started counting

like: 1 i’m dreaming, 2 i’m dreaming and so on til i reached to 100 then i went back to one

I felt numbness on my feet then it started going up and it stopped above my kneecap and my muscles started twitching and it didnt go past that point

whats did i do wrong?

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Well, WILD is difficult and requires practice. So just keep trying! And if you tried right when you went to bed it’s REALLY hard to have a WILD. You might want to do a WBTB, or just try whenever you wake up in the middle of the night.

Personally, I find counting a bit tedious (though I’ve never actually had a successful WILD, I’ve come very close). I find it best to just think normally, not moving, not focusing on your breathing. You do need something to focus on, or you’ll just fall asleep, so during the early stages of falling asleep (when you’re just laying down) just keep thinking ‘Lucid Dreaming’ and anything related to lucid dreaming. As you start feeling your body go numb, picture a place very well known to you (preferably your house, but it’s better if it’s not your bedroom, because that increases the chances of an FA). Now walk around a bit and walk out into your front yard. Check the mail. Close the mailbox. Now check it again. Nice little built in RC there, just in case your constant thinking of ‘Lucid Dreaming’ doesn’t carry over.

Remember, you ARE NOT thinking about your body. Mattiasdavis actually just gave me some advice on an evil little problem I had with focusing too much on my breathing.

WILD is hard, i have come so close with it that i started to hear and smell things in the dream but i have not yet acheaved a LD from WILD. i have a problem though with WBTB + WILD because i tend to fill right back to sleep after i wake up at night.

i think this is also my problem. and when i try WBTB i cant manage to go back and have an Ld either! so sad ppl-- :sad:

The difficulty of doing WILD is becoming aware enough to reach body paralysis and be aware of it. I never use WBTB for WILD you get more Lucid dreaming time and its easier. You can’t be too awake or too asleep. I just tried my first WILD in 1 year and I was about to do it. I felt numb and tiny vibrations spreading, but when Body Paralysis started to spread my mind kept jerking back to full awareness. Sometimes your problems come with how you are trying to WILD.

i agree counting isnt such a good idea because your mind checks if your body is asleep befor dreaming and if you say something like “1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming” your mind could pick up on this not to mention when you are trying to be less alert without going to sleep counting actually requiers a lot of focus cuz u do have to think what comes next i say “i am going to remember my dream” this requiers no counting and my mind proberly wont know im trying to lucid dream :smile:
hope it helps and best of luck

WILD isn’t easy for me either. I usually end up falling asleep, or just getting sick of waiting and turning over and going to sleep. I still try though.

Just keep trying, and eventually you’ll have a WILD!