WILD Problem

So, this time i tried WILD. I did the relaxing process, and after that, it felt like my body couldn’t move. I placed my thoughts in the center of my head and started to count. 1 - I’m dreaming. 2 - I’m dreaming, and so on. But every time i get to 15-20, i kinda “wake up”. I haven’t seen any dots or flashes, but i feel that i “wake up” to be normal from “not being able to think” Except the counting, which acts like it counts itself. After waking up several times, i figured out that i’ll give up :shrug:

Is what i experience normal? If so, is there anything i can do to not “wake up”?
I guess i just need more experience, but since i found this pretty strange, i had to post it.

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The more you practice the easier it gets to get deeper into trance and the harder it is to wake back up on accident. And if you weren’t able to move it means you got to SP, which is great progress :happy:

Well, i don’t think i had SP. I just focused on thinking that i couldn’t move. So, i’m off to try again tonight. Thanks for the answer! :content:

I got that too several times, and i find it useful to have something WILD-related ready to visualize: examples include going up stairs, imagining a dream scene you wanna go into (called VILD), even colours or simple shapes, really anything that can keep the mind focused and distracted form the body (since you must leave the bodily sensations in order to enter a dream); or, you can watch the images on the eyelids (no more than some noise really), or watch HI passively (if you’re good enough :wink:) until it forms a complete dream scene around you. The key, anyway, it to keep the conscious slightly busy, so to ease the transistion torwards sleep.