WILD problems

Here’s what I do for a WILD. When I am tired and go to bed, I lay on my back with my eyes slightly open. After a while, I get really relaxed and my eye lids feel heavy. But I still keep them slightly open. Then I start to get HI and last night they were like 3d images(snake skin like patterns) that felt like they were extremely close to my face. But I kept calm and stayed focused. As these images started changing and getting more vivid, I could feel that I was on the verge of SP. But as soon as this happened, my heart would pound so hard that it would be uncomfortable and would break my concentration and relaxation. I tried doing WILDs for a couple days right before bed or after 4-5 hours of sleep. Everytime I try I get the same thing. No matter how relaxed I am, my heart beats to hard and fast and I lose all concentration and I’m not relaxed anymore.

I read that while doing WILD you can sometimes feel like you’re dieing, although you are perfectly save. Just keep saying to yourself, before doing WILD ‘I will not break my concentration when I feel agony.’ or something alike. Good luck!

The heart nearly exploding is a problem for me too. I think you’re supposed to focus as much as you can on the HI and totally forget your body and breathing. Could be wrong though… :tongue:

im pretty new to this, but since SP is something you experience every night whether your aware of it or not, you could just reassure yourself that your ok, that u have nothing to worry about, your going through a new experience which is either exciting or frightening, im sure if u just keep focusing on the HI you’ll watch it evolve into more advanced images. but good luck, hopefully i helped you out a lil bit!

No matter how many times I think about that or convince myself, I can’t get rid of the high heart pounding. It’s like it’s automatic and can’t be controlled.

You wont get rid of it. Its just something you will have to get used to. If you keep trying you will find you will get used to it more, and will be able to hold your concentration easier.

Yes, I agree. I don’t think it goes away. The only thing that can happen is you get used to it and are able to focus on something else and forget about it. As soon as you take all your attention from it, it will be like if it had gone away…