Wild problems.

I have been trying WILD and I’m not quite sure i got SP. I was laying on my back trying to get SP. Suddenly I felt a floaty feeling and my heart started to beat very quickly. My eyes started to tremble and I got a warm feeling. I concluded that this had to be SP, so i tried to move my arm. Suprisingly it was very easy to move my arm. Then I discovered i could move everything :confused: ? Did i have SP or not? I a little confused now :confused:

No, it’s definitely not SP.

You thought you were going into SP, so your heart rate increased. It caused you to wake back up, for lack of a better term, from the early stages of sleep.

But it felt very different, and the eye-trembling is a SP sign isn’t it? So I have to stay in that state waiting for SP?

You might have been on your way towards SP. Was this at the beginning of the night? SP takes longer to happen then, you should try after a few hours of sleep.