WILD question

hi all the other night i was gettign images in my head as i was trying to sleep i felt as if my legs were liek tiny and my head was huge. DOes that mean im about to sleep? or am i sleeping and i don’t know it
next sometimes when i gettign these wierd feelings i all of a sudden just liek snap awake like i just woke up form a nightmare what is this
any help is great
thanks :confused:

odd… all you have to know is it’s all in your head. you may be dreaming…just perform a RC if you arn’t sure. thats weird…

yes that means your body is going to sleep and it’s relaxing. somtimes when i just go to lay down i’ll feel as if my bed is spinning or i am shrinking. all it is, is your muscles relaxing and saying it’s time to shutdown :tongue:

so could i go lucid?

Sounds to me like you were close.

The hard part is to not think about it. Next time let go of your thoughts more. Pay no attention to your body or anything else for that matter. Just have your attention to what ever you are focusing on (counting, breathing, visualizations HI what ever). Think about nothing else. You want your mind to be calm and empty of all thoughts. Otherwise you will snap out of it and back into the waking world.

Happy Dreaming