WILD Question

When i try WILD, i either focus on “remain concious” or just relax, and attempt to stay concious, as i have trouble getting to sleep, if i use a visualization, such as the “stairs”. Is this ok, seeing as i usually give up, but mostly just drift off eventually, and i forget, is this still ok? Or should i try harder with the visualizations? (btw, i may have less trouble now, because of the :cool_laugh: PLAN :cool_laugh: i’m gonna use. (see the topic “A PLAN”))

well matt uh you’re a little hard to understand there. i’m gonna go out on a limb and assume you’re asking if it’s ok that you use a visualization to stay conscious. my answer to that is it’s a personal thing. if it’s ok with you, then it’s ok.

usually when I try WILD i’m unsuccessful and usually stop trying. i try relaxing and listen to my breathing while some relaxing music is playing in the background, and i have hypnagogic imagery (sp?) and sometimes wake up from that, and sometimes not. but i’ll try again sooner or later. i guess it’s not really my thing.

anyways good luck on your techniques. i hope they work out for ya! :smile:

lol, the question was the opposite, but thanks anyway…
when i said “remain concoius” that was the mantra i was using, and the stairs visualisation was an example