WILD questions any help appreciated.

So I just have a few questions on the WILD tech mainly about SP. :help:
Thank you i you decide to answer them.

  1. In SP when using WILD do you still get full on hallucinations E.g Aliens and Demons…etc or do you just get hypnogotic images and sounds?

  2. Many people say that when you enter SP it can be very scary and thats not even in SP yet?

  3. I have never had SP in my life so if I try it and do it on command will it make it so it will occur forced as well like after awaking from a dream?

  4. When you finally start to imagine the dream place will you go strait into the dream consciously or will you still have to do RC to realize you are dreaming ? :confused:

Hy rustydreamer!

  1. I don’t get heavy HH. Usually just body sensations and sometimes images and some voices.

  2. That is a bull. Your SP experience is only how you make it. If you make it scary which you will if you believe that SP is scary or you can make it fun and awesome if you believe that it is…

  3. Keep in mind that you can not force SP to occur, it will occur because it’s a natural mechanism of our body. There are chances that you will enter complete SP but mostly you don’t, you will feel numbness and heaviness of the body sometimes with HH but you still will be able to move, therefore you’re not in SP these is just something before SP, even though if you stay awake longer you will probably hit SP.

  4. Well that depends on how good your transition from waking state into dream state is. Sometimes you will be lucid from start sometimes not, but if you immediately do RC that still means that you were lucid from start just not that much lucid.

Try to approach to this SP case with some ease. Your expectations will make things in that particular way. If you approach it without SP you will get an unique experience. When I started with WILD I just read the guides not experiences and I tried it on my own and it was awesome. I had only once scary but not negative experience and only because I was thinking about it…

thanks dB_FTS,
The answers that you gave me have helped me quite a lot in fully understanding WILD.
But, this may sound stupid, I have bad thoughts naturally I mean I don’t believe in any of it. You know it like a annoying voice in the back of your head. Knowing this do you still think I should try WILD or other approaches to lucid dreaming like PILD and SILD.
And I was also wondering I sleep on my side facing a wall when I sleep always, so surely this makes it impossible to have heavy HH ?

rustydreamer :smile:

I wouldn’t believe that. I mean I sleep exactly as you and I can WILD and experience SP so this is not a problem. Getting WILD working requires practice and it can’t be done over night. You need to put some effort in it…

I know what you mean when it comes to bad thoughts randomly coming to your head. Thing is HH don’t always happen in the process. Its just a possibility. Its all in your mind, so just try not to think too much or else it’ll wonder to the dark side to that voice.

And WILDs on your side is possible, but its claimed to be easier just laying on your back. I’m not practical WILD expert but its best not to try on your side, in my attempts I’ve gotten the most productivity on my back.

As for technique, I highly suggest NOT to do WILD. Start small. It’s like choosing a mountain to climb and your choice was Everest :razz: SiLD is pretty simple and effective. I’ve gotten vibrations from it on my first try. I highly recommend you follow that beginners tutorial thread.


Get the most out of your ND through this, then once you feel your done with everything in this thread its a pretty nice foundation I think. I’ve started to notice smaller details in my ND, they last longer now, and I remember them much better.

This is all my opinion though, so your entitled to yours if you feel so, or others :smile: