Wild questions, what else..

Greetings LD4all,

The day has come again, that I call upon your knowledge! And on what subject, Wild ofcourse, isn’t it always the case… :wink:
However, these won’t be the standard questions that seem to pass across the forum every other day (or so I hope, since I couldn’t find the answers :tongue: )

I’m fairly good at playing dead now, and I believe relaxing isn’t really a problem. After trying many other teqhinques I feel this is the one I want to have a go at again.

1.Here’s what happens: I go to bed at 11-ish and do some mild as a feel asleep. My alarmclock goes of at about 3:30, I go to the toilet(without turning the lights on), and go back to bed for wild. I listen to a mp3 that tels me that I’m dreaming over and over because it gives me something to concentrate on. After I guess 10 minutes or so my body is nice and warm and numb, sometimes tingly(sp-onset.) and then I hear the buzzing or humming I think sound like a cheap flying saucer :tongue:. It starts very faint, and when i notice it swelling up (not focussing on it) it immediately disseapears. after that nothing seems to go on any more, it’s just quite and sometimes very faint hi, it actually feels as if I start to wake up again, so I just go to sleep.

2.Some nights when I wake up I have this strong urge to roll over and go back to sleep immediately (roll-over signal?). I can always turns this into wild and it seems to be my holy grail, sadly I rarely experience this feeling.

The two main questions:
1.Situation 1: any advice on what I’m doing wrong here, perhaps I’m not close enough to rem?
2. Is there a way to induce the roll-over signal, or a specific sleepfase when it happens?

Here’s a thank you in advance :smile:
I wish good luck and a happy new year to all of you dreamers!

I just stumble on this. It’s from the previous year :happy: :happy:

Don’t know if you find your answer but I had the exactly the same situation. Firstly I was learning “how to play dead” and how to become relaxed but when I got good at that the problem was the next step - actually entering the dream.

As you did I was too experiencing strange things just before everything stopped and after that I would be more awake then when I was going to bed. Then one night I decided that when this feeling comes(in your case humming) I would just let myself to fall asleep but not like: “I’m done with this I’m going to sleep now!” but like: “Ok, now I will consciously fall asleep and next second I will be in a dream” and after saying that and letting myself to fall asleep the right next second I was in a dream.

After so much trying I suggested you to try this for a week. If you spend all that time on trying to become lucid I guess it’s worth to try this. Don’t look at it as a failure but as a lesson!

Good luck! :content:

Hey dB_FTS,

Thanks for responding! Currently I’ve stopped focussing on WILD because I couldn’t overcome this problem. I’m busy re-igniting my dreamrecall that has drastically dropped. However, when it’s all good again I would like to try this. I’ll let you know how it worked out for me. :wink:

Well good luck man, if you have any other questions just ask.

Also you can work on your WILD while getting lucid using other techniques. That’s what I did and now WILD is my primary technique while others are secondary.

Once again, good luck! :content:

The only thing i can think of is to set you alarm at a different time, once you really map out your sleep cycles you know what youre looking for. try maybe 30 mins to an hour more?