WILD Questions

I had my first serious attempt at WILD last night, most of my other LD’s have been induced by hypnosis, WBTB, or just happened without a method. This is what I did:
I turned of some real soft, quiet music, a CD I knew all the lyrics to, and used that as an anchor. I counted, 1 I’m dreaming, 2 I’m dreaming, 3 I’m dreaming, and so on. I got very minimal HI, just some patterns, like the ones you would see on hallucinogenic drugs, and I stayed awake, doing this, for about two hours. I eventually had to turn off the music and just give up. After that, I still had trouble getting to sleep, and I usually sleep soundly, and fall asleep kinda quickly. What am I doing wrong? :help:

Please don’t direct me to the big WILD topic. I have very slow dial up internet and I do not intend to sift through all those pages. It would take forever. :bored:

I don’t think it’s anything that you’re doing wrong, it just might take a couple (tons) of tries before you finally get it. Don’t get frustrated that you didn’t get it right away. Maybe try turning the music off and not using it in the first place. Experiment a little bit and see what happens.

Blah. I hate when that happens with a failed WILD attempt. I think what happens is that, instead of the mind getting sleepier, it gets more awake. Happened to me quite a bit. My solution after a failed WILD is to play binaural beats to put me near sleep again.

I think this happens when you are too focused. When I try WILD, I usually WBTB with it so I don’t stay focused. I also noticed that whenever I tried counting like that, I usually ended up more awake than I was before. I personally find that focusing on my HI (which is mediocre at best) and ringing noise that I get in my ear help me best.

Of course, any type of ILD’ing differs from person to person. Besides, like you said, you had your FIRST serious WILD attempt that time. It took me maybe 2 weeks to get my first WILD and another 2 weeks to be able to do it consistently. Just keep trying and if you find after a month that it’s not working for you, I guess try something else! :razz:

Do you know where I could download some binural beats?

Err… personally I use BwGen to make my own stuff, but I used this site before: lucidquest.com/members/sonic_gal … tation.htm

Don’t know how it works, and I’m too lazy to look it up, but it helped me sleep faster…

By the way, make sure you use headphones and make sure that you have the headphones on the proper ears.

[color=green]Hello Daylight

It is not that you are doing something wrong. ITs just that what you were doing might not be suitable for you. Listening to smooth music or whatever type of music while trying to induce a LD does not work for everyone. So instead, try to to WILD while not listening to any music.

As a sujjestion, do what i do and see if it works for you. It ALMOST never fails me. I love doing WILD becoz i feel that i am in control. Before you do this, be tired. When i do this, i dont usually sleep for 12-16 hours ( i do it because it takes a lot to make me feel tired but for you this may differ ). Then before i go to bed, i usually think of a scenario. For example, last week i was playing GTA San Andrea online and when i went to bed i was thinking about all i did in the game. Now, im tired. My mind wants to sleep but my concentration is on this game that im playing in my head. In time, i became a PART of the game isntead of just thinking it and i knew i was dreaming.

Keep trying tho. Its beautiful when you LD. One of my recent LD was in a dream that i was dreaming about :eh: loool It was crazy i woke up laughing so hard.[/color]

What is the significance of binaural beats, and how does it help achieve lucid dreams?

I said that I use them after a FAILED WILD attempt to put me back to bed. I don’t use them to induce LD’s. :razz:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binaural_beats for info on binaural beats.

Lay down on the floor when doing a WILD. If you attempt a wake induced on the bed you will go to sleep because of the NA with bed and sleep. Try also doing it from a reclined chair with a neck rest. This keeps the mind more alert. Do the tense and release method for relaxing. The trick is to put yourself in a trance. A breathing technique is to breathe in four counts… hold two… exhale four and imagine that you are floating down… feel that sensation. float down on every out breath… then hold two and repeat. Focus on HI. It will happen in time.