WILD questions

Okay, two things.
I’m no stranger to LD’s, but I’ve never induced a WILD. Every time I try, I either get board to tears waiting for some hypnagogic imagry to pop up, or it will come in little flashes, and my mind will wander untill I fall asleep.
Can anyone help me out here?

Try creating a “dreamworld” to help you pass the time while you are waiting. But be sure It is a peaceful and quite place, distractions leads to falling asleep normally.

I also need help. I wake up like 6 hours after sleep reset my alarm and lay back and start counting down from 100. usually after about 4 minutes i feel my arms and feet numbing but thats all that happens. at one point I gave up and i had been laying for about 25 minutes just with the numb arms. i kinda assumed once you start to feel the numbing its like steady progression all the way to the vibrations. maybe im wrong

my 2 cents of worth. It sounds like a problem of relaxation, you are to relax, Try to think of a girl, picture her. That will get your mind of trying to keep you awake, and your mind very present. Or a room, that works allso. but just dont focus on being awake, just concentrate on a dreamscape or anything… okay not anything, but just let your imagination run free.

Would you say combining the images of all the things you’ve suggested might help?
Anyway, Im trying to do it right from being awake all day, not after awakening in the night. Do any of you find one of the above two easyer?

Hi all,

there all several wild stages…if u really want to know them in detail u have to learn breathing as used by tibetan yogi way or as in self hypnosis
ans in several meditation forms.

i use a combination of selfhypnosis and tibetan meditation tech…
there are also tibetan tech for wild that no show u all stages with full consciousness…here you jump from visualising to being not aware consciously just subconsciously and u enter a dream with consciousness again…

But remember only 20% of ppl are talented to enter a deep trance…so even with all the knowledge shared from a pro wilder not all will succeed…
for those that are not extreme talented the counting tech is not so bad
and the next tibetan way also not…but even then not all will succeed…
not nice i know…but reality ppl :smile:

Tibetan visualisation wild tech (very simple basic tech)
Go laying realaxt on bed…not to much light in room…
lay your hands on your stomach…and start visualize a red rose bud into your throat chacra…or just in your throat (lol)…close your eyes of course while u do this…and on the same time try to sleep…so u do an acting…u visualize and at the same time the rest of u u dont need for this consciously…u let just sleep…could also say empty mind know thoughts just visualize…In the morning probably the easiest 4 all…
If u have good concentration talent…also try to focus your breathing at your throat…so breathing and visualisation become one…then u have a greater chance u enter a dream lucid…but just visualize can easely be enough…

that your arms and feet feel numbing is a very good sign its a sign u entered a very light trance…but u never get deeper…or where u whant if u dont use your breathing right…
and have a point to focus your breathing to
u need to melt awareness and breathing as one at one point…then consciousness will follow…being not distracted…and to all of u patience is also important tool
Doing wild is entering the world of trance (hypnosis meditation yoga are also trance forms)
And a trance is never like an eleavator in a straight line going down…
after each stage u deepen your trance (wild) you wil enter a platform en there u stay for a while depending on your talent…so patience is also a very needed tool!!!

Good luck!
And dont forget…enjoy…


What do you mean when you say “Create a dream world” to WILD?

I just spent an hour and a half trying to take a nap through WILD. I had that numbing feeling for a few minutes. To get it, i stared at the bridge of my nose while my eyes were closed. For some reason, I lost the numbing feeling soon after. I never succeeded with my nap, hence me complaining about it right now. :cry:

when ever i lay down and try to relaz i eventualy get some hypnagogic imagery and then my eyes start vibrating/twicthing. I also get the occasional muscle spasm

When I tried WILD yesterday I also noticed that my eyes began to twitch a lot. I also began to hear that “wom wom wom wom wom” sound that many people describe. When I would close my eyes (not sure if this counts as HI), I would see different shapes and colors flashing and moving at different rates.


You were definitely in the hypnogia(I know it’s not really a word, but you know what I mean) area. This is the hardest point to cross. If you stay too conscious you stay awake. You need to start to let go of most of your consciousness to get over it. Dm7 posted a good meditation for this in the big wild topic. You could also imagine yourself falling and as you fall you let yourself go a little at a time. You can also focus on a point on your body. Whatever you decide to focus on you have to think of that and that only. I highly recommend that you learn about meditation or self hypnosis. You don’t have to WILD but it helps a lot. Just don’t give up and keep practicing.


You don’t create a world into WILD. Usually when you are close to sleep and dreaming you will see HI that sometimes start as flashing colors or shapes then may progress into flashes of people or things and then you might even see a hole scene in your mind. Some people enter a dream by allowing themselves to be pulled into the dream. The key here is to be passive and let go and allow yourself to be pulled into the dream do not try to actively enter it. If you do you will bring yourself back up to waking state. Also, as you watch the imagery do not get too involved with them just stay slightly aware of them. If you get too involved in the HI they will send you unconsciously to dream land.

Happy Dreaming

I tried something interesting…

I have this music CD called Janes Addiction (the latest album).

And song #5 rocks, because it always makes me zone out. And, other songs make me zone out… lol, its annoying to do calculus while lisening to this song cause I find my self taking way to long to do homework.
And, this song has some background music that sounds hypnotic, BUT you have to lisen very VERY closely to hear it… I think thats intersting, its like subliminal music. Whatever, the point is, this music makes me go into a trance.

So, I just sat there when I went to bed and lisent to my CD, and I tried to relax, but not fall alseep, I mean stay consouis, oh I also tried to think of nothing. Then, I found that my WHOLE body was completely numb.

Well, I guess I hit a light trance huh, lol. So, thats cool, you just concentrate on your breathing the whole time and you can go deeper… hehe

Yea it sounds like you entered a light trance. Next time you can try to go deeper and things get really cool even if you don’t WILD.