WILD skurred me.

After reading the WILD (Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreams) technique in my book, I had to try it for myself. The steps were : 1) relax completely, every muscle in your body, start with your toes, and work your way up untill you’re completely relaxed. 2) Put your hands on flat on your stomach so your thumbs are at the bottom of your rib cage, and your middle fingers meet at the navle.3) focus on takeing deep breathes. let your hands feel your lungs fill with air. concentrate on breatheing for afew min, and then regulate your breathing.

I turned off all my lights, my computer, I shut my blinds, layed in the dark on my bed and did all the steps. just concentrating on breathing was something i’d never tried before, and I could feel something happening with my mind, almost as if it was getting unstable. After awhile of doing this…Something very strange happend.

The book said I would see strange geometric pattrens. That did happen, but I also heard noises. A “wom…wom…wom…wom…wom…wom…” that got louder, and louder. At this point, I snap myself out of it, and open my eyes. I feel myself breathing heavly, and my heart pounding. I then start crying. I think I cried because I had just realized that this actually works,and that freaked me out. If I had stuck with it, I think I would have entered the dream state consciously. I’m motivated to try this again, even though it scared the shit out of me.

Can anyone tell me what happend? In the book I’m reading about lucid dreaming, it doesn’t say anything about hearing these loud noises. Help me out. :help:

WILD seems to be different for everyone. I don’t get any HI, instead i get a tingling sensation in my body. After that i feels like my body starts vibrating very intensly. And suddenly i’m in a dream. I get sounds sometimes too, but for me the sound like loud pops. It’s nothing to be afraid of, some people can even hear voices or music. If you try to WILD when you go to sleep it’s very hard. It’s easyer to do if you wake up after sleeping for 6-7 hours. And stay up for 5-60 minutes and then try to wild. Trying to WILD when you go to sleep can be good practice. But remember everything that happens is in your head. Read the big WILD topic and/or post WILD related questions there.

thinks i’ve been having trouble with wild. i couldnt find the right thing to focus on to keep me conscious. i would always the hypno images and heard many voices calling my name other familiar sounds…no vibs though, and somehow i always passed out.
i’m gonna try the breathing tech in your book tonight. thnx.

btw, what book are you reading.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

so, you tried this when you first went to sleep?

Thats interesting that you felt vibrations. WILD has never really worked for me, then again I havnt tried it that much.

I have had vibrations, but I was trying to do an OBE at the time, not LD. Its nothing to be afraid of, since it is basically just energy surging through your body (at least thats how it feels to me :eh: )

You should definitly try again. Good luck!

I can’t say for sure but it sounds like you may be heading more into the area of astral projection, when this is occurs (this can be achieved by the method you recited above) some people feel strong vibrations, some hear noises and others things. Doing this could put you into the real world or into the astral realm (which could be mistaken for a dream as one can change and mold things with thy’re mind if focused enough)
Of course some people have there doubts about this and tohers believe that astral projecting and lucid dreaming are the same i do not agree with this but you may have a different opinion.

Heres the thing. This was my frist time trying this ever. It worked after maybe 10-15 min of the breathing.

This really scared me, as I am a n00b to lucid dreaming. Can anyone tell me what the diffrence is between astral projection,lucid dreaming,and out of body experences?

Astral projection and OBE are basically the same thing. Astral Projection is more so considered on the astral planes, and OBE are considered in the Real Time Zone (real world). Lucid dreaming is all in your head, while astral projection is an actual projection of your energy outside of your body. They are not the same thing.

It shouldnt scare you mainly because that all happens before you fall asleep everynight anyway, you just dont notice it.

There has been no proof of this - so it is possible that astral projection is in fact a dream.

Im not here to argue >.> You can believe what you want. Im just giving him an answer to his question.

I want to have lucid dreams,not OBEs… Should I continue to do this deep breathing technique that could induce an OBE?

If you DO have an OBE, no big fret, all the better. Why shun out the experience?

I say, since you did get some sensations, you should go on with it. Its very possible it was just the beginning stages of your body falling asleep.

I feel like this could mess up my mind or something. That this is un-natural. I don’t want to go into a coma, or worse. I’m skurred :sad:

LOL. Its not unnatural. Perfectly normal. If you are really scared, dont do it :razz: I suggest reading up on it more before you try anything.

I think what you’re feeling and hearing is somewhat normal. I’ve tried WILD many times and everytime it works I get the same thing you’re describing, a strange noise that continues getting louder and a really weird feeling. Scared me the first time too but i’ve just gotten used to it when it happens, although even now i sometimes get scared of the noises and the feeling I get. But think there are any risks outside of being scared when this happens so keep it up.

Wild is in no way dangerous, what you experience is totally natural… This state you experienced, happens every night for all people… The difference was that you where conscious during this state… “on edge of dreaming”
And personally i think astral projections/oobes are same as wild, only difference is that people who call them oobes, actually think they left their body… I personally think oobes are nothing more than a conscious dream…[/code]

I had my first WILD couple of weeks ago, and it was amazing. I hear very loud buzzing, the WOM WOM WOM noise you described, and intense vibrations. Then came the HI, then I just stepped into what was happening. I wasn’t even trying to do it. I wasn’t even focusing on breathing or anything. I just laid down for a nap in my dorm, and WOM WOM WOM WOM. It was really lucky.

Anyway, don’t be afraid! If you can WILD so easy, you’re very fortunate! WILD away! Be brave! It’s so safe and you’ll have so much fun.

I’m sorry if what i wrote has upset you at all, if you are willing to try lucid dreaming you taking the same risks as if you are willing to have an oobe (or astral projection) which are none at all. And it is true there is no way to prove oobe except to do it for yourself and provide some proof for yourself like hearing what someone is saying in another room and verifying it later.
It is entirely possible LD and OOBE are one and the same.
So don’t be skurred!