WILD: sound technique - has anyone successfully used this?

My technique here: [spoiler]This method is for people, who can hear the “tinnitus”. The idea is pretty much the same as the other WILD methods, which is to remain conscious while entering the dream state. In order to use this method, you must sleep in a perfectly quiet place. You need to hear the inner buzzing sound inside your ears. Lay your body down and relax as much as possible while trying to hear the sound. If you are too tired, you will fall asleep too fast and it will be difficult to remain conscious - it this case you should combine it with WBTB. By time you realize that the buzzing sound will increase in intensity. This might frighten newcomers, but be assured - nothing bad is going to happen. No, you will not be deaf when you wake up, it’s perfectly safe! It is just an effect caused by your brain is trying to change mode, from listening to the ambient sound, to listening to the sound of dreamland, which is not real sound but just electrical charge inputed to the part of the brain to create a sensation of hearing. By that time, you will enter the hypnagogic state. All you need to do is concentrate, do not be afraid or think of anything, just be still, and in time your dream body will float, separating from your physical body, and there you go, you arrive in the dreamworld.[/spoiler]

IT IS NOT CONDITION. Be calm. :content:

no i hear it like that maybe once a month for a span of about 10 seconds - and its comepletely random i never listen to really loud music soo idk…

This too sometimes happen to me, but thats not that sound…or it wont help even if it is, because its beyond your will…if you want to hear it, do whats recommended :content:

The “Listening In” technique is a bit tricky if you haven’t experienced the sound before. My advice is to listen for the sound and tune into it, rather than try to create the sound. When the crazy vibrations start to kick in and the sound gets more and more intense, you know you’ve tuned into the right sound and you’re about to enter the dream world :happy:

Nobody said you should “create” the sound.
You use the technique? Easy isn’t it? :content: I love it. I learned to have LD at will by this…

Same, it’s my favourite way. I’ve actually had WILD’s that way when i was home sick, before I even knew what lucid dreaming meant, it’s that easy :happy:
I said not to create the sound because I used to make that mistake of doing that and it would just keep me awake :tongue:

i have noticed this noise before it has happened on occasion in wakeing life butni never realised it is always there. I might have to give it a go doing WBTB. I have only had 3 LD s and two of them I purdy sure I went straight into doing MILD but I seem to wake very quickly doing this :grrr: . Hard to really say I know, because I have only done this twice but that was my experience both times. maybe my body was still too awake or something I dont know.

Yes definitely give it a try :content: . WBTB is not neccesary, use it only if you are tired and likely to fall asleep fast.

I can’t hear anything?

You must be in complete silence. Then just listen, do you hear absolute silence, or is there “something”? Do not try to create some sound, just listen. Maybe it will take a while.
And remember the sound is not external. Good luck :content:

That “something” is probably the best description of it. I wouldn’t say it’s a clear sound at all, but maybe a fuzziness at most.

Fuzzines maybe…for me its something like energy but…i cannot describe it - i have nothing to compare with.
Interesting Articles on it: Click Click

I tried but I am not sure if this is it. Is it something like a frequency sound? Like the white noise in the TV? Or maybe not, I can’t seem to explain it. Maybe a humming type sound. For some reason it just seems like something to do with hertz or frequency. If it is then I guess I can hear it and I’ve probably heard it before but thought it was normal, otherwise I can’t hear it.

YOU GOT IT. :thumbs:

(BTW thats best description i read :happy:)

One time I tried WILD I accidentaly started to listen to my tinnitus and concentrated on it - shortly after it got so loud it felt like an engine or a bomb blew up right next to my ears and this white light “burned” up the darkness in front of my eyes. I got terrified and woke up quickly. I didn’t realise that focusing on the sound could be a great way until I came here, I thought I did something else…, thanks for this, I’ll try it the next time I’m going to LD!

On the subject of tinnitus, many years ago when I was a kid I did something that made my sister slap me, but she hit my ear and this insane ringing sound went through my head and it wouldn’t go away. We went to the doctor later that week, but they couldn’t find anything wrong and declared I had tinnitus. I spent years to accept this sound and that it might never go away. Now I don’t really care about it anymore, because my hearing is still very good, I just hear a ringing sound 24/7. I only really hear it clearly when I think about it. Like you, it’s just like breathing to me as well. :content: A saying I made, “If you cannot get rid of it, why not turn it into something good?” :gni:

Yep another lucky one. :happy:
You will succeed! Post here your results then. :content:

I have been trying to achieve a WILD coupled with WBTB for almost two weeks, with no considerable progress.

I usually don’t sleep on my back, so it’s quite uncomfortable for me. However this does start SP very quickly for me, but I can’t go no deeper, while on my back. Tonight i tried “cheating”, rolling over and pretending to give up, while at the same time I kept counting, focusing on my third eye and on the tinnitus. And it worked! Almost instantly my SP got very intense. At the same time, the tinitus got much louder and acquired a pulsating quality to it (kind of like those binaural beats). My arms felt as if I grabbed a high voltage wire (minus the pain) kinda cool. That’s when started thinking, “Oh yeah! LD, Here I cooooooome!”…
and nothing…Everything stopped, my eyes went dark, and my SP went away. :eh:

I got up out of my bed very dissapointed, I was so close. Then as I go to go out of my room, I saw that my door is totally missing. That’s when it hit me like a brick wall, a FA! :woo: :woo:

Thanks for the technique (and my first LD by extension), if anything you can add my success to your tally.

Happy for you. :colgate: How long you did spend there (in Lucid Dream time)? What you did? tell :happy:

At least this long forgotten technique sees light. :ebil:

(wait thats not evil declaration :wink: )