WILD success! (And some questions)

Hi all, new here, sometimes come on to browse but thought I had to share.

Managed to unintentionally WILD this morning. Was hungover slightly so surprised that I managed it!

Need some of your opinions mind.

I was laying in bed and I began to see my room as though my eyes were open, without getting excited I tried getting up and eventually, after a few attempts of lying back down and relaxing I managed to “detach” from my bed.

Anyhow, I had a great experience of what felt like at least 20 minutes of lucidity.

So anyway, here are a few things which I had problems with and I need some advice.

I tried to fly, but there didn’t seem to be much luck, why was this?
I managed to put my head through a mirror in my room to look around, it wasn’t that interesting, later i tried going through a larger mirror but I couldn’t, it was solid and no matter what i thought, it remained solid.

I also tried materializing objects (I got sort of close with materializing my friend but it was only a ghostly image, she disappeared when I have up) but couldn’t really do it much.

Those the are the things I’ll want to try again, so any advice on that?

Also in regards to the induction, I saw no hypnagogic imagery, just the pretty sudden image of my room from where I was lying, is this normal? I know that it wasn’t an OBE or nothing, I was speaking to my housemate (dream character) at one point. I had no vibrations or any feeling, it just…happened. What should I expect to see? Will my WILD’s always induce like this? I’m thinking of sticking to WILDing as it seems to be the most success I have.


Another point is that while I couldn’t go through the larger mirrors, they still reacted to my touch in a peculiar manner…they either cracked and holed up around my fingers or just completely shattered by touch, so I guess that helped me remain lucid for longer.

Title edited… you should get some more responses this way :content: :tardis:

Congratulations on your success!

When it comes to flying, the biggest thing that holds you down is a little bit of doubt in the back of your mind going “I can’t fly, this won’t happen.” You may not even be aware of it, but it can be there. Two things that helped me were imagining what flying would feel like as I fell asleep, and also, well, just doing it. I’ve found the more you think of how something should work, the less you’ll be able to do it. Just expect it to happen and let it happen! Same for materializing objects.

WILD induction can vary from experience to experience. Often times when it’s done later in the night you’ll jump straight into the dream. Other times you may be laying there for a while and HI begins to form a dream around you. Even more still you may go into SP and go to the dream or OBE from there. The only thing you have to do is stay aware as you fall asleep and you’ll be fine. Keep practicing it and eventually it’ll make sense to you :content:.

Let us know if you have more questions. Oh, and welcome to LD4all :welcome: