WILD, super loud and disturbing sounds.....

Lately, my wilds are not inducing LDs, but only excruciating noises. A few nights ago, it was the sound of interfierence of a radio, but it was EXTREMELY loud, and it just popped up out of freaking nowhere. It also lasted for like 10 seconds. It was also accompanied by some eerie feeling of fear, but i was strong and didnt move a muscle. Its quite amazing though… such a stage exists and all u need to do to experience it is keep awake.

well its all in your head, as you may/may not know :razz: If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that some of the symptoms of SP? or is SP just strictly vibrations. I dunno, I’m no expert on that. Anyways, cool you got to experience that. You could use those noises to make your WILD work. Focus on them, and them only. Change a side affect, to a dominant!

i have experiened this same state aswell… sounds like someone tuning a radio between stations.

Well it is a symptom of you body falling asleep while your mind is awake anyway, but not necessarily SP. SP is just another symptom in it’s self.

Yes it can be a very cool experience and you were so close to dreaming you could taste it. The problem is you most likely paid too much attention to the noises and feelings you had. Next time try not to get so attached to them. You just ave to let go of a little bit more of your consciousness to cross over into the dr3eam world.

Good luck.

The one and only time I tried it, I heard what sounded like a piece of paper being crumped before I got freaked out and opened my eyes.

The only sound i’ve heard during WILD is a hight pictch noise, the same you hear in your very ear when you focus in the noise but very high. I don’t know if that’s the “noise” but at least i know im progressing someway.

A lot of times when I’m WILDing there comes this loud sound in my head like I’m standing right behind a jet engine. I’m not proud of this, but sometimes it scares me so much that I jolt myself awake and throw away a good LD oppurtunity.

Just stick it out. Once I went through like 15 minutes of on and off vibrations before the LD finally started, but it will eventually.

I have experienced loud noises when i first LDed. It scared the hell out of me. And yes that feeling of fear was there too. I was in total confusion when it was going on, but I let it go, and had my first LD. So I can’t complain too much, but hopefully next time is more peaceful.

the sounds are HH, it means being very close to entering your dream.

Try and change the sounds mabye, like you are in an LD and controlling stuff.