WILD Swallowing

I’ve looked a lot of threads and guides, but the only thing that’s said there is “Try not to think about it”.
Has anyone found out a way to drastically cut down your need to swallow? Like pillow position or neck angle or something?
Thanks in advance!

I’ve read somewhere that keeping your tongue on the bottom row of your teeth helps :smile: Personally I also swallow less when I’m lying on my side rather than my back.

The best thing to do is actually swallow.
It’s better to swallow and lose all your progress (which, if you need to swallow, means you don’t have much WILD progress right now) then to worry later about your urgent desire to swallow.

Also, drinking more water before bed may help?

same thing happened with me everynight, so I changed my default sleeping position from “on back” to “on stomach”. I no longer feel an urge to swallow saliva.

Just swallow, sweetie. :content: I find that if I don’t swallow, thats all I can focus on… and then I stop myself from actually progressing forward. Swallowing doesn’t stop my progress or harm my WILD experience.