WILD taking so long and I think I had a Lucid Dream.

So I will start with saying hello and that I am into LD 5 days now. Anyway tonight I woke up 5 hours after I slept and started reading about LD for an hour (WBTB) and then I layed down and started WILD. So, I am counting and I get numb and relaxed at about number 100 but I started seeing these weird shapes at around 400 but then I was to tired to keep up and I started losing count and eventually I fell asleep. But although I slept, I am 90% sure I saw a dream in which I kinda knew it was a dream and I woke up and was excited but know I dont remember anything. I think it was something about skydiving.

So my questions are is WILD used to take that much time or I was supposed to see the shapes at number 200 for example and also do you believe I had my FIRST LD expierience?

P.S. Sorry that my English are not the best but I am foreign.

Read this before starting with any techniques, please. If I’m correct in interpreting your “into LD 5 days” as 5 days since you started trying to get LDs/found out about LDs.

I would go into more depth, but I’m not in a good mood right now.

If you felt like you were entering a dream then you are certainly making progress.
It may not count as an actual lucid dream yet, since you didn’t seem to be completely aware of the dream state, but keep working on it and you will eventually make it.

Also, remember that you might sometimes actually get a dream about lying in bed when you attempt WILD, so if you get that “distant” feeling of deep relaxation then you might want to do some tests, like trying to imagine that you are floating towards the ceiling, or maybe even get out of bed and look for dreamsigns.
Chances are you may find yourself in a very vivid dream.

Yeah, I am one of those guys that rushed a little although I believe I have good progress because I always see many, dreams which I remember since I was a kid. Anyway these 5 days I learned AND started LD, I’ve kept a dream journal and wrote down 3 dreams but my goal was not to remember the dreams but become Lucid, so I rushed. Also I didn’t care about my DJ much but now things will change. Thanks!

One thing about WBTB is that you can adjust times a little bit. For some people, an hour is great. That does not work for me at all. I only stay awake about 5 minutes. It’s going to change from person to person, so I’d suggest experimenting with times a little. While it’s not a hard rule, I’ve found if you fall asleep pretty quickly, longer times are good to help get a focus on dreams. People like me who take longer to fall asleep will probably want shorter times to make sure they don’t wake up too much. Play around and see what works :content:

Btw, your English is fine :smile: